Friday, December 30, 2011

Forming a tradition: Last games of WM/H in the great pine woods of Kuhmo

Last night I played a couple of Warmachine games at Kuhmo, where I am staying for the new year's eve.

About the same time last years we played two 15 point games against the same opponent. Hence tradition.

This time around, though, opponent had forgotten to take his miniatures with him and had only a couple of nearly finished models with him. This lead to... slight proxying, so, to avoid confusion I'm keeping pictures to the minimum.

We decided to play Kill Box scenario to restrict running away somewhat.

First game was Iron Lich Asphyxious vs Reznik, with following lists:

- Reaper
- Cankerworm
- 2x Nightwretch
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall

- Reckoner
- Revenger
- Dervish
Dartan Vilmon

I was amazed to win the starting roll. However, then I realised that actually a pattern continues. Lose 5 starting rolls, win one. Lose 5 starting rolls, win one.

Ah well, after running with every model except Asphyxious and casting Scything Touch on Cankerworm, opponent did a bold move.

Reckoner assaulted Nightwretch on top of a hill and scored a hit and dealt some damage. Now, I had Reaper so it wasn't actually that good move. But really, game would have probably looked a lot different if either of us had remembered Witch Hound special skill on Reznik.

The Nightwretch shot the Reckoner in question, and after that Parasite was cast upon it. Reaper advanced and shot its harpoon at Reckoner and dragged it to its death. Now, if Witch Hound would've been remembered, Reckoner would have taken only Parasite and then walked out of range of Reaper's harpoon.

Damage rolls weren't exactly awesome, but fully loaded Reaper and armor piercing Cankerworm with the earlier shot from Nightwretch were enough to eventually destroy it.

Well, next Revenger that had Ignite cast upon it charged Reaper and almost wrecked it, except no systems were broken.

Reznik used his feat, so Asphyxious wasn't able to allocate focus to warjacks. Which pretty much saved Protectorate's warjacks - Cankerworm and Reaper merely scratched Revenger.

But Asphyxious was out of Reznik's feat range, so he used one Nightwretch to fry Vilmon away. And I've written down what proxies what on the picture.

Reznik, to gain benefits from better cover than open ground, charged into melee with a nightwretch. I saw a little bit of opening there, so moved Nightwretch away that was wrecked by a free strike.

Asphyxious had allocated three focus to Reaper, but Reaper was engaged by what was left of Revenger. Asphyxious moved to engage Revenger, but then I was left with a funny little dilemma. Revenger still had its shield intact, though otherwise it was almost broken. To prevent the push-back effect of Revenger's shield, Asphyxious had to cast Hellfire to bring the shield down. Two Hellfires did the job, but in the process Asphyxious had to use his feat. Finally Revenger went down and Reaper was free to drag Reznik to his almost certain death.

Well. It didn't work out that well.

Reaper managed to damage Reznik with harpoon, but when Reznik was being dragged, he stumbled upon Dervish. Assassination failed.

Last Nightwretch walked to shooting range and managed to score a hit on Reznik. Damage roll was 6, 6.

Hero of the match: Nightwretch, there and then.

Well, Reznik isn't known for being a wuzzy.

He cast Engine of Destruction on himself and beat up Reaper and camped up four focus. Battle came into caster versus caster, with both casters having used up their feat.

Asphyxious charged into melee with Reznik after castin Scything Touch on himself.

Iron lich scored a hit and damage roll came out as 6, 6, 6.

End of Reznik.

Second write-up needs to wait it seems, as a friend came over.

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