Friday, December 9, 2011

PVA glue pond, or an excuse for an update

Been playing less, and been painting less, but somehow I had a short spree at easy terrain... err... painting and even a little bit constructing?

I got the craters as freebies from a small trade some time ago. I think they were from manufacturer called "pegasus" or something like that. Anyway, I messed them up with a little bit of sand and a few ruined statue pieces. I think they look nice enough on table, though matt varnish still shines a bit too much.

Anyway, the terrain piece I can tell more about is the PVA glue ponds.

I cut a little pond from some sort of plasticard and slowly build up the banks with milliputty that had been left in excess in other projects.

Then I glued some sand to the banks and painted the bottom of the water dark blue.

There are two layers of PVA glue there, both of which were colored a little. I tried to make some swirlywhirly out of the paint mixed with PVA to create even some illusion of water.

It doesn't look too fancy, but that is a fine example what you can do pretty easily with not too much materials involved. Surely beats a blue scrap paper?

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