Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New year starts with a bite

Just today I got to play Fury of Dracula again after quite a while.

Different from last time was that we had three players now.

I played the Dracula, and against two hunter players playing a hunter looked like a lot more fun than in just two player game!

Playing Count Dracula was also exciting, as it has always been. This time it was overly thrilling, when I was really lucky when it came to exposing Dracula's trail. It seemed that wherever the hunters went, they picked just the wrong space or when press revealed locations the hunters chose just the wrong cities that weren't part of Draculas trail.

However, the two party-pooper cards came along, both for Dracula and both for Hunters. Evasion and Hypnotism.

But luckily they both came during the same game, so there was enough excitement for both parties.

But hypnotism is quite harsh card when hunters have two resolve and one relentless pursuit or whatever the event was that acted like using resolve... At dawn hypnotism was used. At noon three hunters came at Dracula with stakes, sacred bullets and all such things blazing.

With five blood drops remaining, Dracula escaped to Marseilles.

Hunters had two guesses where Dracula went from four possible choices.

Van Helsing picked Marseilles.

Dracula met his fate embarrassingly with a knife in his back.

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