Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When Christmas Comes

I just came home from playing a game of When Darkness Comes with a friend. That makes it two player experience, then.

This time around the game lasted a bit longer than first.

Actually we managed to finish the first scenario, so I can evaluate the game a bit more.

Both our characters were horrible at lockpicking, speed and medical. Because of that the game lasted longer than it usually would have, I think. The countless tries at lockpicking and healing were a bit hilarious at times.

However, one the ranged weapon specialist found a pistol and the hand-to-hand fighter found a wrench, winning battles started to go steadily enough. So much in fact that it ruined some of the tension in the game. But maybe that was because both characters had Defense/Health of 4, which allowed lots of tries with 5-6 attack dice against adversaries before things looked critical. A couple of times characters got down to 1 health, but even then it was a solo fight without assistance from another player.

Maybe we were just lucky to find such good weapons, but really, killing off the zombies was actually easier than surviving guardsmen at library. Those guys were pro bouncers, throwing once a lone player out, and next turn both of us. That resulted in one of the players getting three failure tokens, which kinda made me the victorious player.

So, once players get some weapons, it seems the hardest challenge is dealing with failure tokens and stuff like that.

But, really, need to get some more games in, and obviously some more complex scenarios.

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