Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Even later night gathering

The family I was visiting, being somewhat enthusiastic Magic: The Gathering -players convinced me to have a go with a 3-player multiplayer game.

A couple of years back I had been playing Magic: The Gathering too, so it wasn't really a problem, when only a brief update on changed rules was needed.

Anyway, I see no real point in giving a short detailed write-up of the game, as I played with a deck I don't own and can't remember the names of the cards that were involved...

Except that I didn't win, heh.

But I can tell a little bit of a story about... statistics.

In a former relationship we both got hooked up on Magic: The Gathering. And as both of us liked such statistics, we had a whole little world of Magic: The Gathering meta going on... we wanted to construct a two-colour deck of each combination, plus a one-colour deck (but that came in only later...)

Then we had a sheet where there was marked game statistics of every deck versus every deck.

We even made these "tournaments", where every deck played once against every deck, and the one that scored most would win such tournament. And, of course we marked up the winners of every tournament (red/green was an unequaled master).

Oh, those were the days.

But surely I don't miss how much money went into that stuff.

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