Monday, October 24, 2011

"Who's the Dragon Lord now, punk?"

I finally finished painting all of new characters for Talisman.

As I have made it into some sort of a tradition to post the painted characters here, here they are:

As I said earlier their level of detail is amazing when comparing to most other Talisman figures. Also, their size too.

Especially the Dragon Rider is somewhat... big. Not that the Minotaur needs to be in any kind of a shame there. Fire Wizard with his dragon tail cloak and a huge pyroblast makes him a lot larger than standard human sized figure in Talisman range.

Even the normal sized characters compare in size to other large human characters in earlier expansions.

To illustrate their hugeness I assembled a picture where is every released Talisman figure this far. Keep in mind that these models are in the back row!


Still waiting for a game of Dragon expansion.

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