Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Late night massacres (Smallworld)

Heading back home from my trip I stopped at Orivesi to meet some old mates.

I had brought Smallworld with me. Originally we had it planned for Salo, but other stuff came up there so we didn't have time to play there.

But we got a game in at Orivesi with three players.

Since it was a new game for the people there, Tales & Legends wasn't used.

Game started with Swamp Ratmen, Diplomatic Ghouls and Spirit Goblins in that turn order.

Diplomatic Ghouls picked up Ratmen as their allies and goblins just... spread around.

All races went into decline rather soon.

Mercenary Tritons emerged to continue the legacy of Spirit Goblins. Stout Orcs played just one turn after Swamp Ratmen, because once-so-populous Ratmen were reduced to just one decline token.

Diplomatic Ghouls that became just ghouls caused some problems on the other side of the board and Wealthy Priestesses began constructing their ivory tower.

Stout Orcs were replaced by Heroic Wizards, which guaranteed them two extra points every turn.

Mercenary Tritons conquered huge swathes of land in just two turns and got replaced by Hill Homunculi (with 2 extra racial tokens), and this is where Spirit Goblins started to shine. Sure there weren't many of them left, but having two races in decline scores... points.

Wealthy Priestesses managed to construct a nice 5 point tower and Barricade Sorcerers came to support that tower.

It was actually a nasty combo of having one big near unconquerable tower and sorcerers. Sorcerers managed to steal four areas in total during the whole game, so there was no exact rush to go into decline, despite of some losses.

But when Hill Homunculi decided to go in decline and emerge as Peace-Loving Kobolds, the ivory tower was crumbled. How can they be so peace loving if they come and destroy such historical monuments?

Game started to near end, and Heroic Wizards changed to Cursed Barbarians. There were six victory coins on barbarians, so it didn't really look that horrible.

Because sorcerers lost their tower, they went into decline too and played the last round as Corrupt White Ladies.

So, in the end, the scoreboard was:

Diplomatic Ghouls/Wealthy Priestesses/Barricade Sorcerers/Corrupt White Ladies: 118
Spirit Goblins/Mercenary Tritons/Hill Homunculi/Peace-Loving Kobolds: 104
Swamp Ratmen/Stout Orcs/Heroic Wizards/Cursed Barbarians: 7? (question mark because last digit was forgotten...)

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