Friday, October 7, 2011

Second Mk2 demo given in

Today I gave in a second demo game for another possible new player.

I used the same demo groups I used earlier, and the opposing player picked up Deneghra's group.

It's curious, now, to start seeing which elements of the game are hard to grasp for players who have never played the game.

Also, I really need to get a small mercenary group to make real demo games, as I feel it might give a bit different feel of the game when both sides have powerful spells and quick arc nodes.

Anyway, this time around there was a severe beating around. Everything else but one bonejack and the necrotech were destroyed during the game. In the end the situation was familiar; Asphyxious was able to engage in melee with Deneghra, despite getting a free strike from a deathripper that had lost its head.

Asphyxious had been brought down to 7 hit points remaining. He cast Scything Touch on himself and dealt exactly 16 points in to Deneghra.

I think, however, that the opponent got the run for his money as Deneghra's feats effects were somewhat hilarious - next to everything I did missed or dealt no damage because of the -2, even in such a corner-case scenario when my Nightwretch would have hit opposing Deathripper with normal rolls, but missed because of the feat. I guess it was a good demonstation how feats can, and will, change games?

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