Thursday, July 10, 2014

Plague Faction Starter (almost) finished

I finished some Deadzone miniatures few days ago.

Stage 3A General was converted into a muton with plasma pistol and alien grenade. I'm not entirely happy how the model looks, but it was absolutely the hardest model from faction starter to "mutonise". Considering that I think it turned out okay.

Two Stage 2A models were converted into... something. They're going to represent Chryssalids, but they don't really look much like them. Head is from Mesaan Grunt from Hasslefree Miniatures. I could have probably got a little better look-a-like if I would have seen the trouble of converting Chryssalid legs into backwards pose.

There's some trouble in the color scheme, too. In the game itself Chryssalids have a very dark palette, and yet in the autopsy reports they're quite bright. I did some sort of a compromiss between the two, with the end result not looking like either of the original color schemes. Chryssalids didn't definitely turn out as showcase models, but I'm sure they're passable when it comes to playing Deadzone. After all they're always lurking in the shadows there.

I took a couple other pictures too. One with all mutons I have converted and their terror mission units, the Silacoid and Celatid. Last pictures got all the original X-Com aliens I have converted.

Stage 1A is still unfinished because it hasn't got any good counterpart in Ufo Enemy Unknown. A friend did have a really good idea, though - it might be a huge blob of Silacoid, as silacoids did have an impressive melee capability, but were so slow that they never got to use it. Only not-fitting aspect would have been the disturbing command value, but hey, what do we know about the leadership capabilities of the silacoid mass?

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