Thursday, July 10, 2014

Idle curiosity killed the wallet

Today I was waiting in at a local gaming shop for some time for players to arrive. I was going to play both Relic and Warmachine, and towards the end of Relic I actually had to simultaneously play both games. But more of that later. What happened before those games was an expansion for Gloom.

I bought the Unquiet Dead deck. Unfortunate Expeditions would have been next expansion to buy if I had followed them in order, but game mechanics from Unquiet Dead seemed more interesting, more fun and more depressing.

Quickly looking through the deck I noticed that it didn't have an extra family in it. Oh well. It'd be unlikely anyway to get in a six player game, not to mention seven players if Unquiet Dead had an extra family.

More about the actual games a bit later.

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