Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another Relic Bites the Dust

Second game that I played was a three player Relic.

Characters were Techpriest Enginseer, Space Marine and Ordo Malleus Inquisitor.

Ending card was to defeat the chaos lord Corruptis, who is a Strength 14, Willpower 14 and Cunning 14 enemy. It also gets the characters to four Corruption cards very fast, which looked like a problem for Techpriest. Space Marine and Inquisitor have some abilities to mitigate the effects of corruption.

Space Marina started rocking on quite early when he got three completed missions rather fast and probably one of the most powerful Relics there is. Of course I don't know the average power level of Relics, but it's difficult to imagine that there are many more game-changing Relics such as that. It allowed to flip a Power card and add it to battle results.

Inquisitor didn't have a bad start either, but somehow he was unable to progress anyway. Mutations from corruption cards dropped his statistics as he was able to raise them, and some unlucky battles that he should have won proved to be too difficult for him to handle (curse that exploding dice system! When it explodes on me, though. If I get explosive dice, it's a nice addition to game mechanics.)

Techpriest, however, was the unluckiest of the whole bunch to the extent of leaving play with six corruption cards and not picking a new character.

Eventually Space Marine stomped all the way to victory, and Corruptis fell down without landing even one successful hit on Space Marine.

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