Monday, March 11, 2013

You don't mess up with the Ghost Ship

Last Saturday had one game of Touch of Evil and Talisman.

This write-up goes for Touch of Evil.

We randomised a villain from the four unplayed ones that came with The Coast -expansion.

And it was to be the Ghost Ship.

Heroes were Harlow Morgan, the Inventor and Heinrich the drifter.

Harlow was bound to have some trouble because of his Spirit value of 1, and Heinrich seemed to be the dedicated Ghost Pirate killer with his good starting Spirit.

However, soon we realised that the Ghost Ship with pillage -event did in fact have a nice interaction with Harlow's inventing abilities.

Since the game was played a couple of days ago, I don't remember the juicy little stories inside of the game, but generally speaking, the Shadow Track was merciful for us for a long time. Heroes had all the time in the world to collect Investigation and gear up. In fact - the loss of corner locations started to look like a bigger problem than Shadow Track.

This was probably because there were next to none Murder! cards being played that spawned Ghost Pirates everywhere.

Also Sacred Chalice from Monastery items worked like a charm - it discarded a whole ton of Mystery cards without expiring.

Big setback came when ghastly horde murdered two of the Town Elders in one fell sweep, dropping Shadow Track 4 dots down, bringing it to red zone.

Hunting party was formed and Ghost Ship almost raided.

Things would have probably been a lot better, but four town elders were found to be Evil Elders, and two of them even had the Darkest Secret. This brought the attack dice available to Ghost Ship to such disgusting amounts that even Heinrichs few turns of 14-16 dice and Harlow Morgan's 8 dice weren't enough.

The ship had 36 wounds, by the way. For the record, it was left with 14. Over 20 wounds dealed by heroes was still pretty good, no?

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