Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finally part 2/3 of Turku Fanatic

Last game on first day of Turku Fanatic was against Legion of Everblight.

It was a little bit of a facepalm time, since I had already played twice with epic Hexeris, so if I took him the third time, I'd be playing with Rasheth for whole next day.

Sweating pure terror, I chose Rasheth. After all, scenario did not have Killbox artifice, and just maybe... just maybe opponent wouldn't pick epic Lylyth?

Well, he did.

List was something like:
Epic Lylyth
- 3x Ravagore
- Naga Nightlurker

Maximum unit of Raptors
Anyssa Ryvaal
And either 1x Shepherd & 1x Spell Martyr or 2x Shepherd.

Everblight got to start first, which was also a bad omen, since that probably meant that Lylyth would use her feat on second turn. Which she did. A short story short: Battlegroup shot Bronzeback to pieces and scored random damage to Archidon, too. It was really bad news for me, because opponent had three heavies still standing, and I had lost my sledgehammer from my toolbox, and was left with only screwdrivers and chisels. Oh, and she had moved to dominate my zone. She would not score just yet, but if I couldn't move anything to contest during my turn, she would gain two points in a row. And I couldn't.

Next turn I killed a Praetorian Swordsman to Black Rituals and killed a Raptor with Breath of Corruption. Basilisk Drake tickled one, too, but didn't kill it. A POW 14 boosted attack didn't kill an arm 15, 5 damage box model. That was a crazy turn.

Opponent then launches Naga Nightlurker upon Basilisk Krea, but fails to kill. Ravagores destroy my objective marker, so that's three points raking in for this game to Everblight already. These losses I, however, could still take.

On my next turn I had to remove Naga first. This was accomplished by efforts from Basilisk Krea and Ancestral Guardian. Then everything else tried to kill off those Raptors, but it didn't really succeed. Cyclops Shaman just missed, and I tried to aim Basilisk Drake on closest Ravagore so that spray template would clip Raptor. Nope, didn't clip.

Black Rituals was used again, and I had a nice target where I hoped I would catch a Ravagore, Lylyth and Raptor underneath Breath of Corruption. This time boosted POW 12 doesn't kill a Raptor, and Lylyth was way out there.

Archidon runs to contest my zone so Lylyth couldn't dominate it on my turn.

And then, the last picture.

I had to actually stare at it for a long time until I realised what had happened.

So that picture is terribly misleading, epic Lylyth did not stand there during game, this picture has been taken post-game and for reason or another, Lylyth has been placed elsewhere.

She stood rather close to Basilisk Drake (the red-blue basilisk that is), actually. First her army killed the few models that were contesting Everblight's zone and then Lylyth ran to dominate that zone. Five points total for Everblight. End of game.

But, to be honest, I'm suprised I lost to scenario and not to caster kill for this match-up, heh.


So it was 2 losses and 1 victory after first day. A little depressing, but nothing too bad, really.

I take a moment to just sit and relax and ponder about the games I played. Then I get this idea - I could arrange my models neatly and organized to tray for tomorrow's games.

One by one I put my army very carefully, even lovingly, to the tray. Skorne must be my most beautifully (technically speaking( painted army, probably because it's my newest.

So, after a long day of wargaming I finished setting up my army for tomorrows challenges. I sit back on chair and release a sigh of accomplCRRRAAAASHH!

There was so much metal on the plate that it turned over the foam boards and 50% of my Skorne was on my lap and the other 50% on floor.

A rough estimate was that 25% of my Skorne suffered broken and bend parts, and if we count chipped paint, I'm afraid the percentage was even more fatal.

That was... Demoralizing.


First game of Sunday

Next day I had recovered from my tragic resin/plastic/white metal heartbreak I had yesternight.

I was against Circle Orboros again, this time versus Baldur. Still construct heavy, though, and tier 4 list.

List was:

- Megalith
- Woldwarden
- Woldguardian

Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper
Shifting Stones
2x Woldstalkers & Stoneward
Druids of Orboros + Overseer
Blackclad Wayfarer

I must admit I was shocked how fast Tier 4 Baldur was on midboard and beyond!

Anyway, I had picked epic Hexeris for my list, because Rasheth wouldn't really do anything for either of opponents lists. Last game would then be with Rasheth, come what may...

So, picture is taken from the end of my first turn, and Circle got the start. Ewww.

Circle shoots down Basilisk Drake with woldstalkers, and they do it ridiculously easy. Ashen Veil helps to keeping at least Swordsmen relatively safe. Baldur used his feat, too.

On my next turn I try some shenanigans with charging Lightning Strike'd Archidon to couple of mannikins and then retreating to better position to cast spells from. Archidon was Hexeris' bonded beast.

I also tried to protect Hexeris with rather an interesting way. I went to dominate my Effigy of Valor and moved it to front of opposing woldstructs. Little I did know it then, but it was a nonfactor, but idea behind it was that it would drain at least some resources from enemy to get it from the way of Megalith.

I don't remember what I did with Hexeris' fury, but at least he used his feat to empty some Wolds. Then at least one, maybe two Ashes to Ashes' took a heavy toll on Woldstalkers, but that was about it.

And then there was some insanity, with the end result shown in last picture.

A set (let's call it set A) of shifting stones teleported one shifting stone from stone set B so that megalith was inside the triangle of shifting stone set B. Woldguardian slammed a woldstalker (that had run just for this out of formation) into Hexeris (and here was a funny 5,5,6 damage roll from the collision...)

Then Shifting Stones teleport Megalith to knocked down Hexeris.

That was a short game.

Then there was one more game, that is written down here.

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