Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brighter and Darker Good (Talisman)

So, last write-up from weekend.

A game of Talisman, this time with a little mix & match style ending.

We used Dragon's Tower inner region, but we didn't use the Dragon Lord (drawing normal adventure cards instead). Then we had a random ending at the Crown of Command.

Characters drawn were the Prophetess and Vampire Hunter (I guess the characters weren't properly shuffled, or Vampire Hunter just wanted to have her revenge).

It was somewhat funny pairing, since both had Good alignment, but had very different takes on "being good". One of them was the iconic good prophetess, and the other one a sort anti-hero with a good heart.


Both characters had a way of manipulating drawn adventure cards, that made up for two things: Rapid character development for both, and endless days and short nights.

Game was fairly even for a long time, but finally Prophetess' ability to juggle spells gave her a weird edge - she managed to push her Strenght value to levels where it didn't actually matter too much any longer.

Prophetess chose to try to climb up the tower, and she had climbed about 1/3 when Vampire Hunter entered Inner Region too. Characters had quite equal Craft values, but Prophetess had build up way too much muscle for Vampire Hunter ever to compete with her.

But still - both characters inside Inner Region during the endgame. That's always somewhat thrilling.

However, a weird event took all discarded Enemies, shuffled them and placed them on top of Adventure Deck. Prophetess was lucky when she drew 4 wimpy enemies and beat them all - taking 5 steps forward and arriving at the Crown of Command.

Ending was Judgement Day, and fate counters gave a +-0 to the result. Prophetess had no Fate left, so it was all dice there. And it came out as 1, meaning Judgement Day was discarded and game went on with the basic Crown of Command ending!

However, Prophetess was so adept at using new found powers from the Crown that she failed only one or two rolls, all others dealing damage to already wounded Vampire Hunter. Finally this resulted in Vampire Hunter dying just to the final steps of the Dragon's Tower...

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