Sunday, March 24, 2013

... and on Wednesday gods totally flipped out! (Smallworld)

Next day we played two more Smallworlds with Tales & Legends expansion.

Game 1:

This time we played blindly drawn cards from deck with only cards that supposedly had completely game-changing(breaking?) impact. Lordly Legends or whatever they were called.

Cards that were drawn in turn order were:

2. Great Ride
3. Blue Genes
4. Golden Age
5. Wheel of Misfortune
6. Kobold God
7. Necromantic Elixir
8. Oldies but Goodies
9. Ungodly Bribe
10. Handle with Care

Starting combos were Hill Barbarians, Mounted Orcs and Catapult Amazons. Bloodshed was unavoidable with such militant races. And it really didn't take long until Mounted Orcs and Catapult Amazons went In Decline. Hill Barbarians played a little longer and they claimed Blue Genes. Hordes of Skeletons would be the next race, which was somewhat horrific thought.

Anyway, Mounted Orcs came out as Pillaging Giants, such brutishness. At least Catapult Amazons were followed by a lot more sophisticated race combo... the Berserk Wizards.

And soon after, Wheel of Misfortune came up from the event deck.

Pillaging Giants went to the Berserk Wizards player, Berserk Wizards to Hordes of Skeletons and skellies marched now on the side of former Pillaging Giants.

Pillaging Giants turned into Barricade Sorcerers and started to tease Skeletons. Berserk Wizards overextended themselves and went In Decline, becoming Stout Trolls. And started teasing Skeletons. So while they still held some land, they went In Decline too and emerged as Seafaring Homunculi.

All remaining skeletons were eradicated way too fast, so game now nearing end, they too went In Decline, last few rounds playing as Imperial Gypsies.

Two players made one final sweep by going In Decline during turn 9 and wreaking havoc on turn 10 with all new races, which were Ransacking Ratmen for Troll player, and Wealthy Halflings for Sorcerer player.

Final scoreboard for this match:

Mounted Orcs/Pillaging Giants -> Hordes of Skeletons/Seafaring Homunculi/Imperial Gypsies: 109
Catapult Amazons/Berserk Wizards -> Pillaging Giants/Barricade Sorcerers/Wealthy Halflings: 98
Hill Barbarians/Hordes of Skeletons -> Berserk Wizards/Stout Trolls/Ransacking Ratmen: 92

Game 2:

In this game we took away the already used Lordly Legends cards and took missing cards from the "medium" impact deck.

Cards were:

2. Tabula Rasa
3. Tea Time
4. Philter of Forgetfulness
5. Puff of Smoke
6. White Queen
7. Decline and Fall
8. -whoops, forgot-
9. -forgot this one too-
10. Chicken Lake

A short summary here, as my notes are rather sub-par here. I guess I started to get a little bit tired of writing everything down.

Starting race combos were Forest Elves, Wealthy Wizards and Marauding Ratmen.

Marauding Ratmen were able to get maximum number of regions in just two turns, and were replaced by Diplomatic Giants. Not nice.

And I see a horrible thing here in my notes. I haven't written down which race combo Wealthy Wizards picked next. However, Elves went In Decline and picked Swamp Skeletons to bog around. That pun calls for an euthanasia.

Puff of Smoke took away plenty of ratmen.

On 5th turn some mystic race that came after Wizards went in Decline and were followed by Corrupt Halflings. That joy didn't last for long, when Decline and Fall forced everyone In Decline. Swamp Skeletons picked Imperial Barbarians, halflings took Dragon Master Trolls and giants took Flying Leprechauns.

Imperial Barbarians were a horrible race combo. They worked together perfectly.

Both Barbarian player and Leprechaun player decided to get a final push in last round, Barbarians switching to Hordes of Dwarves, gaining pretty much nothing. Leprechauns picked Commando Goblins that pretty much conquered every area with 1 race token, because there were so many decline tokens on map!

Final scoreboard was:

Forest Elves/Swamp Skeletons/Imperial Barbarians/Hordes of Dwarves: 98
Wealthy Wizards/???/Corrupt Halflings/Dragon Master Trolls: 84
Marauding Ratmen/Diplomatic Giants/Flying Leprechauns/Commando Goblins: 83

And that was it, phew.

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