Sunday, July 3, 2011

The smell of burning fat

Yesterday I played two warmachine games with Skorne. Both of them were against Protectorate of Menoth, but first was 25 points and one was 15 points. 25 pointer coming up first with my list being:

Dominar Rasheth
- Rhinodon
- Bronzeback Titan

Minimum unit of Cataphract Cetrati
Minimum unit of Beast Handlers
Bloodrunner Master Tormentor

And opponent having:

High Exemplar Kreoss
- Revenger
- Repenter
- Dervish
- Crusader

Minimum unit of Exemplar Errants
Vassal of Menoth

Opponent won the starting roll, and first picture is from the end of my second turn.

Farthest from the camera is my bloodrunner, who tried to charge the exemplar errant, landing short of them. I used her as an arc node, though, shooting up a breath of corruption, killing two of errants.

It wasn't actually a good trade-off, but I had planned that I could kill someone and then sprint off to get a good spell off. Obviously errants could have stopped all that with their self-sacrifice... again.

Then, opponent somewhat closed in. Paladin, Vassal and Revenger packed up a little too close, but otherwise it looked like I should walk into charge range, while Kreoss hadn't used his feat...

Revenger came too close, though, and was withing charge range of Rhinodon, who put up Amuck, charged and did Thresher attack. It killed both Paladin and Vassal, but didn't really do much to Revenger.

One beast handler sacrificed himself as an arc node again, breath of corruption killing two more errants.

I had realised that I could not play with the "clarified" Blood Mark as Kreoss could just cast Purification to get it away.

Opponent then allocated full 3 focus to both Revenger and Crusader.

Though he wasn't aware that Bronzeback's counter charge was optional, things worked out differently. Rhinodon had already been pushed once because of his own attack against Revenger, and during opponents turn Revenger pushed it again. Bringing it into Crusader's line of sight.

Opponent rolled dice horribly poorly, though and Rhinodon was left alive with 1 point in spirit branch remaining.

On my turn Bronzeback bum-rushed Crusader to death. Damn that beast is a wrecking machine once it gets into melee.

Beast handlers were too far away to heal Rhinodon, and all fury Rasheth had went into casting Castigate (as arc node was still intact) and killing off two remaining exemplar errants with spells.

On opponents next turn Kreoss used his feat, bringing down whole Skorne army,except the big guy the baby titans were holding on a plate...

Revenger poked Rhinodon to death and beat Bronzeback with remaining attacks, doing little. Dervish came in too, and again damage rolls were quite poor, so Bronzeback was left quite intact.

On my turn the titan stood up and started beating up stuff, this time wrecking Revenger and making Dervish lose an arm, meaning no more combo strike. Bronzeback had had its body branch destroyed, so beast handlers had to heal it instead of enraging it.

That were the most important happenings on my turn, but in the picture you can see the Repenter, who on opponents turn literally put some "heat" into the game, setting Rasheth on fire on that metallic plate of his...

Initial damage gave 5 points in, and the fire didn't go off on my next turn. It gave 4 more points in, and, I don't know... Rasheth seems quite cool fellow, as being on fire didn't anger him enough to bring him up to 8 fury, he had to cut himself to get more...

Anyway, when Bronzeback beat up Dervish too, things were pretty clear.

Kreoss tried to attack Bronzeback himself once it had run towards Kreoss on the turn after it wrecked dervish.

Cetrati were tieing up Repenter, so they were of no use there.

However, Bronzeback didn't die, I'm not sure if my memory serves now right, but I think it was left alive with one health box or something. On this game plenty of models were left alive with one box remaining.

Rasheth cast Carnivore on Bronzeback and used his feat.

Bronzeback advanced into melee with Kreoss. End of story.

Game 2:

Then, we played another, smaller game of 15 points. I had had a weird idea for a 15 point list for Hexeris, and I wanted to try it out.

- Basilisk Drake
- Basilisk Krea

Minimum unit of Cetrati
Minimum unit of Beast Handlers

The idea in this list being a "brick" of sorts. Not sure if I should exchange beast handlers and Thrullg for a Cyclops Shaman, but then again, only thing in that list that could punch through heavy armor was flanking, enraged Basilisk Krea... Ah well, need to test more, and against different opponents.

Opponents list was the same as earlier, minus Revenger and Dervish.

Opponent won starting roll again, and we switched sides.

Thrullg is already dead in the first picture.

I realised about there, taking that picture, that though my brick looked rather nice, against Kreoss it was a joke, really. Use of his feat nullifies every possible advantage my formation could have had.

That's why I decided to break out my shield wall and charge off, when the opportunity presented itself.

Possibly it wasn't the best course of action, as the results weren't all that great.

Combined efforts of my whole army took only 5 exemplar errants with it. I cast Obliteration on them, used the spray attack of Drake and charged them with Cetrati.

Then opponent got to kill only one of the Cetrati wholly, damaging other two in the process. The one with the red bead is suffering from fire and is left with only one hit point.

Vengeance, that had been cast on Cetrati, triggered then, and vengeance move killed off paladin and the other cetrati tried to kill Vassal, without success.

Basilisk Drake sprayed, getting a hit on Kreoss, dealing respectable damage.

I'm not sure if I managed to shoot a Soulfire to Kreoss at that point too through basilisk Drake. All in all, Kreoss took a lot of damage that turn. He had been upkeeping Lamentation, though, and still had his feat unused...

As a last ditch effort I ran beast handlers to block up the warjacks, as losing either of my basilisks would seriously hamper my ability to deal with arm 21 Crusader... (with Defenders Ward).

Well, of course I lost all of my beast handlers and my basilisk and the cetrati that was close to enemy. Ancillary attack with sprays on knocked down warrior models... Yeah, I need to get used to burnt skorne flesh.

My situation was looking so grim that I decided to try desperate things. Hexeris moved forward and launched a soulfire on Kreoss, even under Lamentation. I no longer remember how and where did the damage come from, but at that point Kreoss was at 4 hit points.

Crusader then beat up the Basilisk Krea and Repenter came at Hexeris himself, not getting the caster kill.

Combined efforts of my only remaining model, the Cetrati, and Hexeris himself got the repenter wrecked. Repenter becoming difficult terrain made it impossible for Crusader to come and beat his skeletal face in, and so game continued for another round. Crusader did, however, kill the Cetrati.

However, at that point Kreoss healed for 4 hit points, bringing him to 8.

Hexeris wasn't in good shape either, as all the beasts had died and even the repenter had done some damage. Lamentation was on and all...

So, he moved on to the barrels and shot Kreoss with a boosted Soulfire, getting in a hit. Damage roll was obviously boosted too. Rolling 11 would have finished Kreoss.

I rolled 10. Kreoss was left alive with one hit point.

And then it was opponents turn.

Because Hexeris had climbed on top of obstacles, charging in with Crusader could have been problematic.

We witnessed a filmatic scene, then, illustrated by this picture:

Fireballs on a journey above the lake to Hexeris. Despite having a defense bonus from obstacle, Kreoss scored a hit. And damage roll was boosted, so the whole thing blew up, we guessed that the barrels contained oil after all...

Anyway, two good games that could have gone either way.

In the first game Bronzeback really shined, wrecking a whopping 1 heavy warjack, 2 light warjacks and finally the warcaster. Sure, its surviving was a stretch, but it won the day.

Second game was an uphill struggle, though I did mess up somewhat with Cetrati I guess. Me getting a few good random potshots at Kreoss gave me some hope, and eventually I had my chance to win the game, but alas. Hexeris continues his history of close games in his defeat.

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