Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet & Sour Fat

I rarely get to play against Trollbloods, actually this was just the third time during whole Mark II when I got to face them.

Lately, though, a friend picked up trollblood and we got in a game today.

We played a 35 point game and were going to play a randomised scenario.

I was playing Skorne, and my list was:

Dominar Rasheth
- Rhinodon
- Bronzeback Titan
- Cyclops Shaman

Minimum unit of Cataphract Cetrati
Maximum unit of Praetorian Swordmen + Unit Attachment
Minimum unit of Beast Handlers

And I might comment on the list that I guess I found out the hard way that Rasheth really likes to have a random solo in his list too, because two blocks of infantry (coupled with difficult terrain) didn't give me optimal chances to land the number 1 fear factor of Rasheth's... Blood Mark.

Well, opponent played this:

- 2x Axers
- Slag Troll

Maximum unit of Trollkin Champions + Skaldi Bonehammer
Maximum unit of Krielstone Bearers + Elder
Swamp Gobbers
Trollkin Champion Hero

Scenario was randomised to be Capture the Flag, and "flags" in the pictures are Gudrun the Wanderer and Totem Hunter.

Opponent won the starting roll and first picture is from the end of my second turn.

There's not really much else to tell except that Cetrati are in shield wall and have Carnivore on them.

Next turn opponent creates a cloud with gobbers to block line of sight to champions.

I didn't exactly want to put my stuff to get their weapon master charge next, so I backed off a bit. I put Rhinodon up front and Bronzeback a little more back to try to make some nasty counter charge shenanigans, but alas (to be continued).

Anyway, Cyclops Shaman tries to stare one of the smoking gobbers down with Evil Eye but fails, despite getting aiming bonus. Praetorian sacrifice one of themselves to arc Breath of Corruption on Trollkin Champions, almost killing Skaldi. He was left with two hit points.

Then all kinds of crap happened.

Swamp gobbers moved away and created another cloud to hide both Axers behind. Then Borka stepped up and used his feat and cast Slag Troll's animus on trollkin hero.

Trollkin hero charged Rhinodon and also tied up Bronzeback Titan in the process, denying my counter charge. Then champions activate and charge around. Skaldi comes to beat up Rhinodon too while the main unit charges praetorians on the hill.

Skaldi messes up some damage rolls and Rhinodon is left with one hit point in mind branch. However, then Slag Troll activates and shoots Rhinodon up.

I placed it still too forward. Oh well, live and learn.

My retaliation was less than awesome.

Enraged Bronzeback sure finished off both Skaldi and trollkin hero and cetrati beat the snot out of, uh... one gobber? How cool is that?

Shaman crafted a talisman for Rasheth, who shot a Breath of Corruption on trollkin champions, killing one. Then praetorians used their minifeat and started poking the champions, killing one who had earlier been damaged by the first breath of corruption.

And that was really all I could do.

On opponents turn the worst thing that could happen, happened.

I lost my Bronzeback.

I lost my big, sweet, hyper aggressive, trunkless elephant. I should have painted it pink so Borka would've been demoralized and not able to field the keg carrier.

It got a charge from Axer, Slag Troll and one of the trollkin champions.

The other axer threshered cetrati, but their shield wall saved them.

On my turn I decided to finally use my feat. Yet, my Cetrati did next to nothing to one of the axers. Praetorians didn't manage to even hit the trollkin champions and enraged cyclops shaman did like 5 damages to Slag Troll.

Well, at least a breath of corruption arced from one beast handler nearly wiped Krielstone bearers, but, well, nearly is only a pat on the shoulder.

Both troll axers frenzy, which was quite a relief for me. Almost. As Borka then becomes brave (or drunk) enough to get into the fight himself, killing one cetrati off and casting Slag Troll's animus on the troll itself.

Slag troll then calmly walks into melee range of Rasheth, provoking a free strike from Shaman and two beast handlers. The cyclop does nothing as its body system is in pieces, but the two beast handlers save me the game! Both hit with their free strikes and put a fury point on the beast, limiting extra attacks it can buy.

After a serious, corrosive beating Rasheth is still standing, though with only two hit points!

And opposing warlock is next to three of my elite infantry that have enhanced melee accuracy and weapon master on their melee attacks! Victory, here we come!



We're talking about undamaged, def 14, arm 21, tough warlock that has 2 fury left for transfers. Cetrati got 5 points of damage done to Borka, which were transfered away.

Rasheth shoots a Sunder Spirit at the engaging Slag Troll.

Opponent's turn.

End of story.

Oh, and hero of the match: Slag Troll (finished up Rhinodon, major factor in killing Bronzeback and finally melting Dominar Rasheth, surviving plenty of free strikes in the process)

(Oh, and the pun in the topic is about corrosion based damage finishing off Rasheth, melting him into some sort of bitter, greenish goo... I'm honing my lame pun skills!)

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