Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pink and bald is not cool (talisman)

Today was a real treat to play 3 player Talisman.

Because there was a new player involved I thought it'd be nice not to pick every random variant rule into the game, so we left out the Death and alternative ending cards.

Characters were the Amazon, Monk and Minstrel.

Early in the game amazon managed to beat down a glory seeker, so she gained a warlock quest. It was to discard a magic object, and didn't take too many rounds to finish.

The monk gained questionable honor by getting his arse whipped by Craft 1 monsters multiple times during the whole game.

Minstrel found the Fate Stealer magical sword very early too, and plenty of other interesting items too. Too bad he decided to visit the Enchantress, and we all know how passionately she hates the color "pink". He was transformed into a frog. Somewhat hilarious in this process was that he actually gained a craft point while being a frog.

Amazon started gaining strenght at a frightening pace. Once she had completed the first warlock quest, she had already gained a Strenght -spell and killed enough monsters to get a decent strenght of 5. If my memory doesn't fail me, even the temple was merciful on the amazon and granted additional spell and, on a second visit, a talisman! Two finished warlock quests gave 4 additional lives and 4 spells.

During amazon's triumph the monk and the minstrel were either getting lost in the crags or getting the cloth stuck in marsh. Once the monk did gain a craft point from village's mystic, yet lost it the next round to a bad roll from "talismonger" (which is a bit ridiculous name for a stranger, to be honest).

While being a frog, the poor little guy had dug up the Orb of Knowledge, which monk picked up. Soon monk found riding horses too, and the game literally speedes up for him. Yet, amazon had built up even more muscle, and was nearing the Eagle King at highlands.

Amazon killed the eagle king easily with the spell "finger of death" and was teleported to middle region with basic strenght value of 8, which could mean victory if the dice were with her.

Monk tried to run through the highlands a couple of times, but was defeated by the eagle king the first time.

Minstrel went to dungeon as a last desperate attempt when amazon entered inner region, easily passing the Portal of Power.

Suprisingly enough, Minstrel got to enchant a giant rat (piper of Hameln?) in the dungeon and found out a couple of amazing items in very short order. He actually had strenght value of 12 in battle against the Lord of Darkness, but only if he could reach the treasure chamber in time and with all the equipment he had...

Well, green mist took his armor and fate stealer away. So he had only strenght 11 against Lord, which in all cases was desperate.

However, Amazon passed through the mines with dice roll equal to 8. She also won Death himself in the first game of dice, so other players didn't get any extra turns from those two. Also, amazon killed the werewolf with ease, and once getting to Crown of Command, the only roll she seemed to be able to roll was 4, 5 or 6 even without using fate tokens.

Let's face it, monk and minstrel were screwed.

They died together, though, as both were at 1 life at the same time.

Minstrel was missing just a step before entering the treasure chamber, and monk was just preparing to challenge the eagle king.

And the amazon player was the new player being introduced to the game against whom we, the "semi-veterans" didn't even stand a chance.

Never underestimate the beginner!

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