Sunday, July 10, 2011

"No no, put the extra saltpeter AFTER you shoot!" (Touch of Evil)

Just finished up playing two games of Touch of Evil. Both were cooperatively played with two characters.

First game was against the Volgovian Nutcracker and characters were Lucy Hanbrook and Isabella von Took.

Usually Isabella becomes the "tank" character because of her rather too powerful special ability, but this time things didn't work out for her. She spent most of the game lying on the Town Hall.

Lucy, on the other hand, very quickly started body building and rose in just few first rounds from starting 2 wounds to 5 wounds.

Funny thing, too, was that when the mystery card "Traitor's Blood" was drawn, Lucy had to kill a town elder. She killed her mother, Lady Hanbrook. Her worst secret was that she was a war criminal, so in a way, innocent person was killed... or so the heroes thought.

Also, Lord Hanbrook was suffering from paranoid delusions and under them decided to give a good beating to his own daughter... Isabella was spared, though, for reasons we can only begin to guess...

Few turns later Sign of the Dark Omen was rolled and Lady Hanbrook became alive again, filled with secrets. Later, when Lies and Deceit were spreading, it turned out that Lady Hanbrook was actually in league with the Volgovian Nutcracker, being a servant to darkness. So, in Lucy's defense, she was right all along, her mother deserved to die. There was nothing traitorous in the attempt to murder her.

However, stuffed bears and toy soldiers were jumping up and down on Isabella almost through the whole game and during the cheerful christmas carnevals that should've been looked into, Lucy Hanbrook was trying to figure out her personal family business.

Heroes didn't really have much development and eventually they were just knocked down both at the same time, ending the game in Nutcracker's victory.

Game 2:

Now we were playing against Delion Dryad with Karl, the soldier and Victor Danforth, the playwright.

The game had a grand opening.

Victor started the game and went joyfully into the church to train his spirit and maybe to practice his new play or something, and that really pissed off Karl.

No, Karl didn't mean to punch that hard, or if he did he surely didn't think such a big fella as Victor would go down that easily. Anyway, both were possessed by madness in the first mystery phase and Karl knocked down Victor from full health to zero health.

Karl seemed to be again a really effective character. His biggest problems were to train his spirit & cunning statistics to eight, combined. Only lucky attack rolls from minions (meaning mostly two sixes from living trees) made him any harm, as he is able to ignore first hit taken each fight round.

That made Karl absurdly rich in very short time. Also, it was quite hilarious, when the random location for a spawning living tree was quite often the exact place where Karl was then... Evil living trees following him all around, only to get transformed into campfire.

Lady Hanbrook was evil again. Nothing new there...

Karl also tried to make amends by buying Victor a runic amulet and a torch from town shop.

Reverend Harding went insane at some point because of Order's influence, making it dangerous to stay in city squares. However, for some reason the Order of the Crimson Hand were attacking mostly Victor? Could be either because of the fact that once Crimson Hand got the courage to try fighting Karl, they were severely beaten.

Yet Victor had to run away from almost every town space. I guess his last play was indeed somewhat offending as it made Karl to beat him and religios fanatics to chase him... ah, well, you just have to suffer for your art and not give up because of the ignorant fools!

Villains lair was found out to be the Bog.

It wasn't exactly a problem, but because of a couple March of Darkness -cards and effects, road to there was filled with minions. At worst there was at least 2 wolves and 3 living trees in the route to get there. Karl cleaned up his musket and started chopping...

Victor, on the other hand, was thinking creatively and thought to go different path to get the showdown started. Both were actually quite powerful characters by then and shadow track was falling fast.

Victor's plan was to go to Windmill and from there to Manor, use the secret passage to get into the Monastery and from there sneak past all the evil minions to get to the villains lair.

Just when he got to the windmill, a living tree spawned in front of him... I guess the Dryad was warned. Especially when turn after that another living tree was spawned right into the monastery.

So, Victor decided to go to help Karl. After Karl had done all the hard job Victor rushed in and yelled "Shoo! Shoo!" at some pesky wolves, who ran off. Brave sir Victor.

Karl started the showdown. Delion Dryad had 17 wounds at that point and was fighting with 10 fight dice against heroes.

With 20 dice Karl made 16 wounds in. Silver bullets are really worth it, have to admit that. Also, Victor's events gave 8 additional dice and Karl himself played Teamwork -card, so all in all Victor wasn't totally useless character there. He also discarded his blunderbuss, that made a couple of more hits to the villain. Yet, when we thought of it, it's pretty weird that you put the extra saltpeter into the blunderbuss after you know how well you have scored hits...

Villain did 2 wounds to Karl, who had at least 3 remaining still.

Victor, being a poetic hero, did the last remaining wound to the villain and the small town of Shadowbrook was saved! All because of Victor's daring sacrifice, as the villain killed Victor with her attack rolls.

Anyway, dryad was beaten and serene peace crept into the hearts of the deranged citizens... uh, what??

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