Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cryxians receive a baselift

I've had some issues going on in my personal life, so actual gaming has been "off" for some time now.

However, I undertook a painting effort that has been on my mind for some time already.

I've been marking the front/back arcs on my Cryx forces quite boringly, two ugly white lines only. Then I noticed that you shouldn't be too sloppy when you make snow effect with PVA glue mixed with baking soda. I'm not sure why plenty of my model's snow had started turning a bit yellow from certain places. How embarrassing... Though, I guess, being undead and all makes you lose control of your bladder or something.

I don't know if it's the natural course PVA glue goes, or have I thinned the formula with water from unclean painting pot, or have I not waited for the paint to dry on some models before snowing them.

Anyway, I decided to use white paint as front arc marker and some color coded thing for back arc. Warcasters are darkest grey, then come warjacks on a lighter tone, solos a bit more light and eventually units with lightest grey. I hope this will prevent some accidental weirdness, like moving Satyxis Captain with the unit.

I also drybrushed all snowy areas with white to cover up some of the rather unpleasant accidents with some models.

Solos and models with distinctively different bases received different colors as front/back ark markers.

I also toyed with the idea that I would write a large R to front arc of models that naturally have reach and large S to those who have natural stealth, or in case Granted: Stealth the mark would be +S on that model only. On warcasters I could also write their base FOC stat to the center of the front arc or something.

Why? Well, those are the questions that are asked most frequently during games. It might hasten the play somewhat. But maybe that's my baselift stage 2.

Anyway, it was a good time to take a picture out of all my painted Cryx models. I also put all the terrain to the picture I have finished during this year.


  1. That's a whole lotta Cryx. You should be proud.

  2. I guess I must be proud at least somewhat, because I took the time and bother to assemble everything into a messy little picture into my random, almost anonymous blog ^^