Saturday, June 11, 2011

Floor getting wiped with Skorne. And Cryx.

Just finished playing a game of Warmachine. If I'm lucky I'm playing another one later at night.

However, I knew I was going against epic Asphyxious. Yet still I really wanted to try out Dominar Rasheth again!

I did so with the following 35 point list:

- Cyclops Shaman
- Basilisk Drake
- Bronzeback Titan

Maximum unit of Praetorian Swordmen + Unit Attachment
Minimum unit of Cataphract Cetrati
Minimum unit of Beast Handlers
Aptimus Marketh

And opponent had:

Epic Asphyxious
- Harrower
- 2x Deathripper

Maximum unit of Bane Thralls + Unit Attachment
Maximum unit of Bile Thralls
Bane Lord Tartarus

Anyway, I won the starting roll and now, having known how the game went, I really, really should have given the start to opponent.

We had originally scheduled this game at other place, which, uh, became unavailable because of "random" chance.

So, we opted to play on the floor of my apartment. I need to tell this for you not to get shocked about the pictures. Yeah, it's a floor mat.

First picture is taken from the end of my turn 2 but before opponent started turn 2.

You can see where the deployment went wrong... I got my Cetrati facing Banes and Praetorian facing Biles. No good.

Anyway, one praetorian charged bile thralls, my plan was to move to engage more bile thralls with side-step, but then realised I was going to be out of coherency if I did that. The other praetorian ran behind Asphyxious so that he wouldn't gain cover when I arced Blood Mark through it to Asphyxious, which succeeded.

Then in this picture.

That bile thrall... hasn't even activated yet.

So yeah, I fell as a victim to Excarnate + Bile Thrall trick. Kinda shame, when I play Cryx myself, and sometimes Epic Asphyxious too. Death toll on that single purge was: 8 praetorian swordmen + Aptimus Marketh.

I don't have overall picture of the opponents turn 2, but that was all that really mattered there. Asphyxious got 3 souls in the process and cast Hellbound on himself. That was more of a mistake, when he could have teleported away. So I had a slim chance of doing... something. Anything at all.

On the other flank bane thralls just closed in and Harrower didn't do much.

Next picture is from end of my turn 3, with a close-up on what I could do to Asphyxious.

You can also see the devastation that the purge caused on my lines.

Bronzeback ran to engage bile thralls somewhat. I think that was foolish thing of me to do, I should have tried something else as I knew Harrower was going to charge it.

Last round bane thralls had engaged my line of Cetrati & other stuff, so I started poking them in the undead eye. I picked only troopers not to fill Asphyxious' pool of useful feat models. Basilisk, however, tried to spray the standard bearer to death. Obviously he missed it, despite attack roll boost.

What I did with Rasheth was advance and putting on Castigate, then attack & damage roll boosted Sunder Spirit on Asphyxious 9 points in. One fury left for Blood Mark transfer.

I brought Cyclops Shaman to the fray too, but he foiled the attack roll on Evil Eye attack.

Next is what punishment fell on my side.

First of all, banes and Tartarus just rocked my Cetratii smiling shield-wall face to the ground. Somehow in the process beast handlers had to test command twice (once for terror and once for massive casualties), and failed the other one.

Fully loaded Harrower charged the Bronzeback and for once I could be happy for its resilience. It did lose spirit and most of mind, but it didn't look too bad.

However, Asphyxious decided to charge at it too, and from previous turns souls he could load a helluva lot attacks on it, finally destroying it with a damage roll of 6, 6, 6 and teleporting away with two remaining focus.

I cursed the beast handlers, because this was the turn that I could have actually used them to enrage Cyclops Shaman, healing Basilisk Drake who had lost itss body branch. But they were terrified. They passed their command check, however, but that was all about them.

Cetrati and pals tried to kill as many banes as possible, which went quite fine other than for the basilisk. It managed to destroy the flagbearer but it passed the tough roll. Then it tried to kill the other bane thrall, but missed.

Cyclops Shaman charged Harrower and didn't do any damage to it. With last attack it killed a bile thrall next to it.

Rasheth had to spend one fury to heal the basilisk (so I activated Rasheth before Drake but after shaman) and then he launched an attack roll boosted Sunder Spirit at one bile thrall he could see on elevated position and in cover. Hit and dead. Then he put up Castigate again and one fury was left for Blood Mark transfer.

Picture also shows the "view" how my last turn started... "Bring it ON! I'm not afraid!"...

So, well obviously I upkept Blood Mark.

However, I do have a picture from the end of my turn:

So, my two remaining models, other than Rasheth, ran as close to Asphyxious as possible.

Then Rasheth cast a fully boosted Sunder Spirit at Asphyxious, dealing 10 points in.

Well, sadly just a turn earlier Asphyxious had healed some of the earlier damage. And then my arc node died. Need to take one of those Deathrippers...

Then I had fury to launch one sunder spirit at a bile thrall and was left with 1 fury for transfers.

Yet, brave sir Asphyxious ran as fast as he could, and fully loaded Harrower charged Rasheth.

Visualising Rasheth on Harrowers spinning blades... eww...

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