Saturday, June 18, 2011

Salt pillars sprouting, caustic mist poisoning the earth

So I played a game of Warmachine, 35 point game, with Mohsar against epic Asphyxious.

My list was:

- Argus
- Wold Guardian
- Gnarlhorn Satyr

Maximum unit of Wolves of Orboros + Unit Attachment
Shifting Stones
Blackclad Wayfarer
Lord of the Feast
Reeve Hunter
War Wolf

And opponent had:

Epic Asphyxious
- Harrower
- 2x Deathrippers

Maximum unit of Bane Thralls
Maximum unit of Bile Thralls
Bane Lord Tartarus
Pistol Wraith

Opponent won the starting roll, but decided to let me go first.

First picture is taken from the end of my second turn.

Harrower had earlier shot one of Shifting Stones, so the Lord of the Feast launch button was turned off.

Also, it was rather hilarious to imagine the battleground. A corrosive necro-sludge field where hazardous gases in form of Caustic Mists form up and salt pillars raise from the ground.

I had deployed Wolves of Orboros to my left flank, but decided to move them from getting purged to getting Death Tolled by Tartarus.

I'm also trying to place them so that movement from Mirage + charge could do some damage, and I could try to protect my wolves with salt pillars if needed.

Then, next picture show the closing up of bile thralls and Harrower.

In case you spot a Deryliss on the field it's a proxy for Pistol Wraith.

Deathripper arced an Excarnate on Lord of the Feast, who was one-shotted by it and turned into a bane thrall. Well, it was a trade-off of 4 point models... or, should've been!

I charged the deathripper with wold guardian, who just couldn't hit the thing, even with two boosted attacks.

Blackclad Wayfarer tried to shoot it with a spray attack to deal at least some damage, and failed.

Argus, however, went to bite Harrower and did 8 points of so in with all attacks.

Mohsar advanced into base contact with wold guardian (you can just see his white hood in the upper picture) and shot a bile thrall with Crevasse. Bile thrall went all dead, but the real target, Pistol Wraith, remained unharmed.

Until Mohsar shot his spray attack on it, that is. However, Crevasse removes boxed models from play, unlike the ranged spray attack of his.

Reeve Hunter killed a couple of bile thralls and Wolves charged the bane thralls.

I couldn't place the pillars, though, as my intentions changed mid-round, but I tried to place them so that Tartarus could not kill whole lot of them.

Opponent then brought up the bile thralls but messed up the order of activations. He then excarnated one of my Wolves, and only realised at that point that bile thralls had already activated. So, it became a bane thrall then.

Slaughter party got started anyway, Tartarus brought more banes in and whatever Tartarus couldn't kill within reach, the bane thralls did.

One result of the bile thrall mistake, however, was that I had to spend plenty of resources now at them, because even one remaining bile thrall, combined with a possible excarnate, could devastate everything...

Oh, and the deathripper ran away from melee, risking a free strike. Missed.

Then it was my time to shine. Argus and Wold Guardian wrecked Harrower.

Reeve Hunter did a sweet killing spree by killing four models, most of them bile thralls at important locations.

Mohsar finished up the rest of bile thralls that were in Gnarlhorns way and put Bounding on the satyr itself. Then it was free to charge Asphyxious.

The sucker was left with 4 wounds. Damnit.

Well, then, what you can't see in this picture because of the angle is one remaining bile thrall behind the ruined arch.

Results, however, you can pretty much see in this picture:

The lone remaining gun... bloat... thing? managed to destroy one shifting stone, a couple of Wolves of Orboros, Reeve Hunter and Blackclad Wayfarer. At this point of the game it was a harsh blow.

Also, Gnarlhorn was killed by the bane thralls, but that was pretty much expected. Asphyxious, however, advanced as far as possible and healed as much damage as possible with his 7 focus.

Picture, by the way, is taken from the end of my turn, where I tried to do some teleporting trick with Mohsar and remove Tartarus from play with Crevasse, but it was botched.

Then, it seems, I've skipped one round completely without taking pictures. What happened was that Argus went and bit one deathripper who was hiding behind the ruined arch. It was the same deathripper who had escaped way too many times already.

Mohsar finally succeeds in bringing Tartarus down with Crevasse, but being a couple of turns already starved for fury, he had already impressive damage upon himself. So every damage roll, even from the 5 that came in from an arced Excarnate, were transfered to Wold Guardian. At some point Wold Guardian had to suffer from a Parasite, cast by Asphyxious.

By a lucky roll rightmost deathrippers arc node was blasted away.

Mohsar moved forward and somehow got to kill the other deathripper, but was left with 1 fury left for transfers and 8 points of damage left on him (he had been at 6, all cut by himself, but shifting stone had healed for 2).

Then I just had to try and weather the upcoming feat.

Shame that the picture is sharp at the wrong place.

That fine it went.

First two bane thralls missed completely, but then Pistol Wraith charged in and rolled damage with double 6's. Wold Guardian had exactly 12 damage points. Second pistol missed, but third charging bane thrall didn't.

The old man didn't even go "smoooosh!", he was so dry from cutting himself that he went "poooof!".


  1. Epic Asphyxious didn't have Hellbound up? That's unusual.

  2. Situation there was that either Asphyxious teleported away and camped 1 focus, or put up Hellbound while having plenty of Wolves of Orboros with minifeat unused within walking distance.

    I guess same opponent won't try to save focus during first round again with being stingy on casting Hellbound, though it didn't cost him game this time.