Monday, June 13, 2011

Dunno, a huge factory in the centre of town seems like a bad idea

For a change I got to play a new game.

We played this board game called Chinatown with four players. The story how it was acquired was pretty absurd... some market somewhere had a weird sale that if you buy two packs of, what it was, some kind of dish wash or laundry wash or something like that and you get a board game on top of that.

That's what they teach in marketing school?

Well, the owner didn't feel too bad about it. Come to think of it, I'm starting to wonder if I got enough of washing medium for a type of stuff I no longer remember...

Heh, but about the game.

I may need to double check my premises on games I enjoy.

Usually I say that I like games with strict rules with enough random elements not to make it a chess game.

Chinatown had random elements, but the main object of the game was free trading between players. So it was... dare I use that dreaded word... social!

And it was fun.

Game had fixed number of turns to play, which prevented the game dragging on in Monopoly style.

Monopoly was brought up because the players were reserving lots from Chinatown and building different kind of shops and other things to them. And in the end the richest player would win.

So yeah, it was a good experience.

I didn't stalk enough to get final scoreboard for all players, but top 2 were 1,250,000 dollars and 1,000,000 dollars. Smallest amount of cash was 10,000 dollars in case the numbers seem big.

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