Sunday, June 5, 2011

Woldwatcher goes to personal trainer

After good experiences with Megalith and Wold Guardian I have built up some interest in Circle's wolds, though earlier I have passionately loathed them.

Well, I still do, in a way. I can't stand the models of Woldwarden or Woldwatcher. But I decided trying to overcome that by using milliputty on the woldwatcher.

I have never "sculpted" anything on models for real. Only fixed up stuff and some minor tweaks, maybe, but nothing on this scale.

First, when I toyed around with the assembled Woldwatcher I noticed it fit perfectly on a small base. Sure, it would have been quite big small based model, but it wouldn't have looked too big on a 30mm base size. Then, comparing it to another medium base models, I was even more disappointed.

So, I started beefing it up.

There is what I came up with. Easiest parts were obviously making the shield arms a lot larger. I knew I didn't have the skills to do anything real fancy. In fact, the pelvis proved to be too much for me. It looks so much like a mess that I may actually have to do something to it post-finishing the model. And I'm lousy at getting back to models I consider finished.


I took a comparison picture with another medium base model. And I think I succeeded making the 'watcher look more like a warbeast and not like a wimpy, ugly... thing. I guess certain coarseness doesn't matter that much in a stone constructs as in, for example, sleek elven designs.

Then I basecoated the thing.

Though some of the milliputty doesn't blend to the actual sculpt all that well with basecoat on, I was still quite proud of my first, real attempt at serious conversion.

What really saved me was milliputty's structure. Once it was hardened overnight it was easy to trim areas that looked really uneven or just plain ugly with a hobby knife. Sadly I didn't have good tools to work with the pelvis area, and thus it came out looking like crap.

And today I finally finished painting the model.

It isn't based yet and when I'm making the base I think I have to do something with the huge feet. Maybe make them look a bit smaller by putting some grass next to them or something.

But here is the picture:

All in all, I'm sure this particular wold will make appearance in my future Circle of Orboros lists.

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