Sunday, May 22, 2011

This time I can't really blame the Winterguard

Just today I played a 35 point game with my Circle against Khador.

I had the following list:

Morvahna the Autumnblade
- Gnarlhorn Satyr
- Wold Guardian

Maximum unit of Wolves of Orboros + Unit Attachment
Minimum unit of Tharn Ravagers + Chieftain
Shifting Stones
Lord of the Feast
Reeve Hunter

Opponent had:

Epic Vlad
- Drago
- Marauder

Maximum unit of Ironfang Pikemen + Unit Attachment
2x Manhunters
Yuri the Axe
War Dog
Eiryss, mage hunter (prime version)

I won the starting roll and decided to take the edge that had a little bit of forest for my ravagers.

During my turn Morvahna cast Regrowth on Wolves of Orboros and Harvest on herself.

Opponent cast Transference and Hand of Fate on Widowmakers. Eiryss shot one Wolf of Orboros that wasn't benefitting from cover. I need to be really grateful that it wasn't epic Eiryss or I had been really struggling from the start of game.

Anyway, Widowmakers destroyed one of my shifting stones via Transference. Really, I'm starting to think the unit attachment would be a good choice, actually, though the model itself doesn't inspire me.

On my second turn I advanced a little bit with all my models, trying to minimise Vlad's feat and stuff, failing miserably in that. The worst thing that happened was losing my Gnarlhorn.

A hilarious mention goes to the Wolf that Eiryss had shot. I regrew him back and he charged Eiryss. Missed. Then on opponents turn Eiryss pokes him to death. Again.

I had advanced with Lord of the Feast and managed to hit a widowmaker with the raven. Reach wasn't quite enough to make total mass destruction and only one manhunter, one widowmaker and one ironfang pikeman died.

Anyway, Vlad's feat was used and 5 models were affected. One manhunter and four pikemen.

Gnarlhorn was killed by that despite having +2 armor from Morvahna's Restoration. Had I played any other caster my fury generation would've been crippled, but Morvahna was still going strong as long as opponent had warrior models to kill.

Then it was my turn to try to gain the upper hand, which I somehow think I could have done unless it wasn't for... well, more on that later.

First ravagers charged, chieftain to kill Yuri and unit leader to kill one feated pikeman. Both killed their targets, filling Morvahna with fury.

Then Morvahna activated and used her feat.

One eruption of life later two ironfangs were killed and a manhunter was at one damage box. With last remaining 2 fury Morvahna cast Restoration on Wold Guardian.

Wold Guardian then charged Drago and beat it down to one wound. There it was, undamaged armor 22 beatstick right in the middle of opposing army. It would have been a tough nut to crack unless it wasn't for... well, more on that later.

Wolves of Orboros used their Power Swell and charged off, two at Drago, one at Eiryss, one at a widowmaker and one just to finish manhunter and rest went at Marauder.

Drago was obviously wrecked and even Marauder took nice damage (most came from a damage roll of 5, 5, 5, 6), but columns that went off were 3 & 4, so nothing really happened there.

The one Wolf that had charged at the manhunter scored a hit and killed the bugger, giving Morvahna one fury, which was very crucial during opponents turn, but more on that just a little bit later...

Okay. You get a nice perspective on this picture as well.

First, ironfang pikemen charge, what's most important is that one kills one of my shifting stones that was blocking line of sight to Morvahna. Wold Guardian took some damage too from an absurdly high damage roll. But still, only its Spirit was broken, which funnily enough was the only branch that was of importance to me.

Then Vlad comes and throws a Razor Wind at Morvahna just for laughs.

5, 6, 6. That's, well, 16 damage in. Morvahna has 14 in full health.

The one fury from a harvested manhunter was put to use and the damage was transfered to Wold Guardian, which also lost its body branch. I weep openly as I write this. To get off something like that on Guardian itself needs a base POW of 21 with same damage roll.

Well, then it was what I anticipated to be my last turn.

I brought back as many Wolves as I could with Morvahna. Ravager chieftain killed two pikemen it could reach, filling up Morvahna with fury. Morvahna then charged herself to one pikeman and managed to kill it. The charge brought her dangerously close to Vlad.

Then she shot the war dog with Eruption of Life and killed it. Well, she got a fury from the doggy and brough attack against another pikeman in her melee range and managed to kill it too. With her last fury she tried to cast Influene on one pikeman that was in melee with Wold Guardian, but failed.

Wold Guardian tried to beat the two pikemen engaging it, getting to crush only one of them.

Then Wolves charged, most at Vlad. Others ran to block up lanes and clutter up the fight zone at Morvahna, but as often is the case, if things look too good or in this case "Hmm, I just might survive this", something must have been overlooked.

Martial Paragon was overlooked.

Anyway, first Eiryss shoots Death Bolt to Wold Guardian that had 3 damage boxes left.

Then Vlad casts Razor Wind at one engaging wolf, casts Martial Paragon on himself and just advanced to Morvahna.

Well, I don't have anything else to say, except for: That's gotta hurt!

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