Sunday, May 15, 2011

What can epic Sorscha do under Deneghra's feat? Well, possibly quite a lot

Yesterday I played a game with my Cryx agains Khador.

It was a 25 point game and my list was:

- Harrower
- Slayer
- Ripjaw

Maximum unit of Drudge Thralls
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall

Opponent had:

Epic Sorscha
- Beast 09

Maximum unit of Winterguard Infantry + Unit Attachment
Maximum unit of Iron Fang Pikemen + Unit Attachment
Kovnik Joe

Opponent won the starting roll.

The first picture is from the end of round 1. Iron Flesh had been cast on Ironfang Pikemen.

This time around we got into the thick of action very fast, as picture from opponents turn 2 shows:

Pikemen seemed bold enough to charge around, after which Iron Flesh was cast on them again. Two got to charge Harrower and one got his spear to bear on Slayer. I'm not sure if the two ironfang at harrower destroyed its cannon already or was it later in the game.

Winterguard advanced to hug some linear obstacles.

Sure, I was tied up but also looked like I had a pretty juicy turn to land my feat, though obviously I couldn't assassinate Sorscha with it.

Deneghra was about the first model that activated, put on her feat and cast Crippling Grasp on Ironfang Pikemen and sprayed two ironfang away that were in front of Harrower.

Harrower advanced charged off then and used thresher to kill four enemy models.

All in all, pikemen were pretty devastated and all other enemy models were caught under Deneghra's feat except for Winterguard Infantry (with the exception of two who were most forward).

I did feel pretty confident at that point, but was about to learn a nasty lesson how a cornered animal (not referring to my opponent, rather his army) fights.

Sorscha had only 8 inch control range.

Yet, she advanced, gave Desperate Pace to Winterguard Infantry and cast Cyclone, bringing her close enough to get Deneghra under her feat.

Well, to my advantage, winterguard were still a little bit too far away, only two got within 8" of Deneghra and the other one was under Deneghra's feat.

First one hit and dealt whopping 4 points of damage that was doubled to 8 because of the feat.

The other winterguard missed. But really... Another shot like that and Deneghra would've been killed on her own feat turn.

As for the rest of things that happened, Harrower was wrecked and most of drudges killed, as well as Skarlock.

Deneghra was packed up with 3 souls.

My turn started.

Drudges tried to charge the standard bearer of ironfang pikemen. No hits.

Actually, drudges made just 4 attacks during whole game, two of which were made against Crippling Grasped, Withered pikemen. No hits. That's just... that's just depressing. One of them also nearly blocked Slayer's charge a bit later.

Anyway, then Ripjaw moved into position and Deneghra activated, shooting a fully boosted Scourge at epic Sorscha, hitting home and knocking her down.

Then she sprayed the one pikeman in front of her and moved to poke Sorscha with pathetic results.

But, then, Slayer charged and finished Sorscha off. I wanted to be pompous and used combo-strike to finish her, which luckily killed her. Only after doing that I realised that had I rolled poorly I wouldn't have been able to make my other initial attacks and I had given only one focus to Slayer to get the charge off... The damage roll that killed Sorscha was exactly what was needed to bring her down. One less and... uh, totally different outcome.


  1. I know Drudges are bad, but they should be better than that!

    Did the Slayer need to charge to reach Sorscha?

  2. Yup, charge was needed, and it was a close call to fit Slayer through. It would have been needed to be checked real close, but the models had already shuffled a bit from random pokes and measurements, so it was agreed to give the charge as it was a matter of millimetres anyway.