Monday, May 9, 2011

Boardgaming after a while (Smallworld)

Today I found the courage to actually go to board game evening at Jyväskylä's Fantasiapelit. I brought Smallworld with me and we played a game with four players. I actually played another game this evening, but I'll write about it in a separate post.

Well, the races and combos that were drawn were Forest Orcs, Flying Elves, Merchant Wizards and Mercenary Priestesses.

Obviously orcs and elves rocked the first few turns. Priestesses, as they were last in turn order, got to pick quite a good spot for them to start building their ivory tower too, but there were Dragon-Master Goblins already coming up.

Well, on the second turn both wizards and priestesses went into decline, wizards because, well, their possibilities weren't really that awesome and priestesses because wizards went into decline.

Next turn even elves went into decline and wizards came up as Dragon Master Goblins and the board looked pretty awesome for them with all the races in decline. They promptly ate a lot of elves and wrecked priestesses' tower with their dragon.

Priestesses, who entered the game with Pillaging Pygmies took revenge for the priestesses and wiped all the wizards off the map.

Elves turned into Catapult Trolls and started wrecking orcs, who went very soon into decline because of that.

Goblins were left alone for a long time and had a nice little empire of theirs, until a new race, owing fealty to the controller of former orc, Swamp Amazons butchered way too many of their tiny green bodies and hilarious, colorful hats. Into decline.

Combined efforts of goblins and pygmies put trolls into decline too (though, to be honest, their pitiful effect on that decicion is a stretch - they had many areas because of catapults cheap conquests.)

Pillaging pygmies decided their time had come and entered the game again as Peace-Loving Ghouls, who conquered a couple of former troll areas.

Swamp Amazons sticked around for a long time and for last turn they were switched for Hill White Ladies, not because they were a super choice, but because 6 victory coins rested on it.

Before that Catapult Trolls were switched to Heroic Dwarves and ghouls were turned put into decline just after one round of playing. Which was pretty awesome choice, as the player was able to play two last rounds as Marauding Ratmen.

Well, to continue the story of goblins, after their bloody encounter with the amazons they started again as Mounted Humans. Decline race and new race were pretty good but timing was bad. On last round of the game there was no time to go into decline and all that was left from the awesome human race was one zone, three tokens and two in decline goblins. Whee. You can guess who played that one.

Heroic Dwarves with earlier trolls in decline actually started scoring pretty nicely and dwarves controlled three mines at the end of the game despite their low numbers.

Final scoreboard:

Flying Elves/Catapult Trolls/Heroic Dwarves: 89
Forest Orcs/Swamp Amazons/Hill White Ladies: 87
Merchant Wizards/Dragon Master Goblins/Mounted Humans: 78
Mercenary Priestesses/Pillaging Pygmies/Peace-Loving Ghouls/Marauding Ratmen: 64

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