Friday, April 8, 2011

Infernal Machines versus Desert Walking... umm... goats and things

Today I actually played two games of Warmachine with Circle Orboros, but I'm making the posts separate.

First game was my Mohsar against his Mortenebra in a 35 point game.

Lists are included in the picture. Mortenebra is tier 4 list.

I was a bit anxious as I play Mortenebra myself with Cryx, so I knew how nasty she can be against Hordes.

However, I hoped that my salt pillars would be good enough counter for crazy threat range shenanigans. Also, playing board proved to be very crowded in the middle. Though Mortenebra had access to Ghostly from Spectral Steel and I got plenty of pathfinders, the board proved to be a hell to navigate to both players.

Anyway. I lost the starting roll. Who would've guessed?

Start-up was frighteningly fast.

It doesn't show too well in the picture but the slip of paper on the board is a pillar of salt.

I tried to put everything so that getting too much use out of Reaper's harpoon would be difficult.

But what happened was that opponent shot one of my Shifting Stones with Reaper and it was actually destroyed by the damage roll (I had learned my lesson with that one Strakhov game - stones are immobile!)

Mortenebra cast Void Gate on Reaper, dealing a little bit of damage to it in the process, but repairing it soon enough.

Everything else backed up, except for the Deathjack, who came a little too close.

First my Wolves of Orboros used their minifeat, making them effective weapon masters for one round. Then they charged the Deathjack, passing their command check. They wrecked it real good, leaving only 5 damage boxes to it.

Distance between Feral Warpwolf and Deathjack seems great... but Wilder cast Bounding on it and Blackclad Wayfarer managed to hit Deathjack with Hunter's Mark.

That meant I didn't have to warp for speed with warpwolf and I decided to go with armor.

Though damage rolls were real crappy, in the end Deathjack was lying smoldering on the ground.

Picture doesn't show the placement of Pillars, but anyway. Next round.

Mortenebra used her feat, which resulted in plenty of dead Wolves of Orboros via spray from Warwitch Siren.

Void Gate was upkept.

Reaper dragged Warpwolf to the pillar you can see in picture. Then Deryliss cast Spectral Steel on slayer, who charged past my the farthest pillar (it had Line of Sight to warpwolf, however) to get to the warpwolf, finishing it.

All in all, could have been worse. Oh wait... That's turn 3.5, me starting the turn. You can see the pillar placement, after all.

I decided to wreck Slayer with Primaled Gnarlhorn Satyr.

Yet I didn't remember Void Gate was on... I could only make the charge and initial attacks, which did impressive damage, but it was far from wrecking it.

Gorax is facing directly the other way, as a side note. It was easier to place that way.

Mohsar cast Curse of Shadows on Reaper and moved to safety. Then Gorax and the Wolves you can see wrecked the Reaper, but Slayer was still standing with Cortex intact. Mohsar had used his feat just in case.

Well, opponents turn.

Seether, again with Spectral Steel from Deryliss, charges past my blocking Pillar of Salt. It absolutely crushes the poor satyr. Mortenebra moves into contact with Slayer, fixes it and casts Overrun on it.

Another Warwitch Siren sprays quite a few Wolves to death.

Slayer destroys all but the standard bearing Wolf of Orboros. Hilarious enough.

Then, last turn.

Argus, that was no longer in Mohsar's control area (last turn it had been busy killing one Warwitch Siren), frenzied and ate the last Wolf of Orboros. Yeah, the standard bearer. I guess you don't wave a standard made of bones in the sight of a frenzying Argus without consequences.

Mohsar walks there and uses his ranged attack. He tries to boost attack roll against Mortenebra but misses. He hits the Slayer, however, and wrecks it. Then he maltreats the Argus for eating the last Wolf standing, casts an attack roll boosted Crevasse at Mortenebra, hits, and boosts damage.

Then he uses Argus' animus on Gorax to help it go through wreck markers. In the end maltreating Argus wasn't necessary, but sure it was fun!

Gorax moves into contact with injured Mortenebra and kills her with two attack roll & damage roll boosted claw attacks.

Now, without Argus, none of this would've been possible... just sayin'...

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