Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winterguard hate.

First game for a while, I hope getting games in and updating this thingy continues as often as it used to.

Oh... and did I really forget about winterguard infantry in a couple of months? Apparently I did, as I faced yet another spray hell of doom.

Anyway, I was playing today a 35 point game of Warmachine, Goreshade versus epic Sorscha. Lists you can see in the following picture.

Opponent rolled 2 for starting. I rolled 1. Looks like Vassal can mess up a little this tendency of mine to lose starting rolls but when real dices are rolling...

Ah well. First round I made the great mistake of under estimating Speed 6" + Spray 8" with boosted attack rolls. Here, let me show a picture...

Well, at first it looked like I hadn't under estimated it too badly. I had packed up everything together rather stupidly, but I thought the key model, Necrosurgeon, was safe.

I was expecting heavy losses, but, well, then epic Sorscha's Desperate Pace kicked in... Meaning 8" move to Winterguard and 8" spray. With boosted attack rolls to sprays from Kovnik Joe.

So, let me present another picture. "Before" and "After". Pffft.

Winterguard had the one spell... Shatterstorm or something like that? upkept on them. Which caused all the destroyed models to explode in a 3" area of effect.

Brutal. Yet, all was not lost. I saw a distant possibility for an assassination.

Remaining bile thralls wiped off a score of winterguards. Goreshade himself charged a kayazy assassin, who had Iron Flesh on them. Idea was to kill this kayazy with Goreshade, creating Deathwalker again to lower the defense of Sorscha.

Obviously Goreshade missed and no Deathwalker was created.

Then Goreshade cast Hex Blast on Kodiak, managing to miss it too, but deviation roll caused the AoE to go over the kayazy I wanted to die.

After that Goreshade used his feat, bringing 6 bane thralls to table.

It was time to activate Malice.

It advanced, shot Kodiak with harpoon, dragged it to base contact and possessed it. Lane was clear. Tartarus charged the Kodiak, doing pretty impressive damage to it (I think it was 14 points in?) and cursed Sorscha.

At least this succeeded.

Then it was time to charge in. Two of bane thralls got into contact with war dog, two against Sorscha and two other not.

Well, through whole four attacks I wasn't able to roll over 4-5 with 2 dice so no matter how well I laid the plans for this I couldn't just do it.

But had I managed to creathe Deathwalker, curse Sorscha (which I did) and kill War Dog Sorscha's defense would have been a little more tolerable.

Failing my assassination run I tried to move everything close to Goreshade to protect him as well as was possible.

On opponents turn the winterguard nicely destroyed any small-based protection I had built up for Goreshade.

Then Sorscha charges him and casts Freezing Grip and used her feat.

Two attacks she managed to make didn't kill Goreshade, but the first hammer from Demolition Corps dealt 22 points of damage in.


End of Goreshade.