Friday, April 8, 2011

Let the power of the storm... fizzle!

Then, as I was about to leave the friends place where we were playing a new guy voices interest in seeing a game of Warmachine.

We decided to play a 15 point game to quickly show off how the game goes from start to finish.

Lists you can see in the picture. Now I happened to win starting roll, despite opponent rolling 5!

I was happy enough about the fact that opponent actually had some shooting elements in his army so I could make use of Storm Wall.

However, opponents warcaster wasn't really a front-liner, meaning it was doubtful whether I would ever make effective use of my capability of ridiculous threat ranges.

Also, opponent started playing very defensively. He dug up positions at the walls in his deployment zone.

I'm actually skipping the picture of the end of first round, as it looks very similar to this picture taken from end of round 2:

As opponent had the really viable tactic of taking long pot-shots at me and with lucky rolls doing serious damage I decided to go aggressive.

Krueger moved next to the house, cast Storm Wall and shot the lightning blast spell at the Iron Fang in front of Destroyer.

Warpwolf ran to screen Krueger, but it was a fatal time to forget about arcing fire.

Opponent moved Destroyer a bit to side and shot off at Krueger, who luckily got only 7 points of damage in.

Irusk moved forward and tried to airburst Krueger a little more. After that he used epic Irusk's feat and was sitting with no focus.

Iron Fang pikemen just ran to tie me up.

Well, I proceeded to beat them up with my beasts. Gnarlhorn Satyr and one Iron Fang pikeman gets a mention... All initial attacks miss and first bought attack kill the pikeman. Who then passes four tough rolls in a row. Not the satyr's day I suppose.

Warpwolf finishes the pikeman who just wouldn't die and Wilder does the most useful thing she did during whole game: killed one of the pikemans she just could reach.

Then it was time for me to try to win the game.

Epic Krueger used his feat, pushing models around, clearing enough space for him to land on the other side of the building.

Boosted attack roll agains Irusk with his staff o' lighting. 6,1,1. Would've needed one more to hit. Krueger has rate of fire 3 and sustained attack.

Well, he buys a second attack and boosts attack roll, this time hitting home and the last attack hitting automatically. These two attacks leave Irusk with 2 health boxes.


Feralgeist runs so it tries to block as much of the upcoming Ironfang Pikemen as possible.

Come opponents turn.

Destroyer misses.

Widowmakers deal nasty damage.

Irusk advances and takes a hand cannon shot at Krueger. Hits. Damage roll is impressive, 13 points of damage in. Which is transfered to Warpwolf.

Then I don't remember if airburst hit or dealt damage or what happened, but Krueger was sitting with 3 health boxes when Iron Fange Pikemen activated.

Standard bearer and two other pikemen came hugging the feralgeist.

Was Krueger within their reach?

Thanks to the handy measurement tool we quickly found out both were within striking distance.

After one Combined Melee Attack Krueger was no more.

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