Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let the power of the storm... Burn!

Yesterday I played three games with Circle Orboros.

I'm writing up the smallest game of 15 points now and later today hopefully some other too.

Anyway, I was playing following list:

Epic Krueger
- Gnarlhorn Satyr
- Argus

Reeve Hunter
War Wolf

And opponent had:

Epic Kreoss
- Crusader

Maximum unit of Temple Flameguard + Unit Attachment
Minimum unit of Exemplar errants + Unit Attachment

It was a heavy proxy game as my opponent was a starter who still had most of his models coming up. I won't spam too much pictures because of that, but I got one from the end of first round (Oh, by the way, I lost the starting roll).

Sacrosanct was cast on Temple Flameguard and Inviolable Resolve was on Crusader. Krueger had Storm Wall on.

Opponent charged Temple Flameguard on my Reeve Hunter, War Wolf and Argus.

Argus got some hurt and War Wolf was killed, but not much else happened.

Krueger flew over the tower and used feat, pushing Temple Flameguard pretty much all over the place. He killed someone and tried to cast Gallows on Crusader, but managed to roll double 1's. As he was standing there pretty defenseless he cast Storm Wall again but was furyless after the maneuver.

All in all Flameguard were pretty devastated after that.

Opponent retaliated by casting Cleansing Fire on Krueger that hit home and dealt 12 points of damage in. Luckily it wasn't a critical hit.

One Flameguard was able to come and try hit Krueger, but didn't kill him.

Crusader and exemplar errants ran to block Line of Sight to Kreoss. I remembered Gnarlhorn's Counter Slam at this point. Ironically it could have counter slammed the one flameguard who tried to poke Krueger...

On my turn Argus ate one flameguard who was engaging Gnarlhorn and Gnarlhorn went off to finish the one flameguard engaging Krueger. However, I happened to place Gnarlhorn real stupidly so it blocked Kruegers Line of Sight to Kreoss...

Krueger cast Telekinesis on himself, took aiming bonus and first shot from his staff hit home this time. The two damage roll boosted attacks were enough to kill the Grand Exemplar.

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