Sunday, July 9, 2017

Second Settlement, years 1-2

With King's Man painted, I gave myself permission to start a new settlement for Kingdom Death.

Intro mission went far worse than last time around.

Two survivors perished, one of them being the one who got permanent strength from critically wounding the lion.

An additional Shimmering Mane came from a critical wound against Glorious Mane. On top of that, I got Lion Testes, Lion Claw, Golden Whiskers and Great Cat Bones. Basic resources were Love Juice, Broken Lantern and 2x Monster Hide.

Once more I roll minimum number of starting survivors, meaning I got now Population 8.

Just to see how things work out, I chose Cannibalize as my death principle. I got a fourth Founding Stone and +3 insanity for departing survivors.

Fahert utters the first words and I build Skinnery and Bone Smith.

Settlement produces Bone Darts, Rawhide Headband, Boots, Gloves and Vest. (Shimmering Mane was archived for extra hides)

I nominate two random survivors for Love Juice and I roll 7. I take Protect the Young life principle. Parents get survival and permanent evasion.

4x Cloth
4x Founding Stone
Bone Darts
Rawhide Headband, Vest, Boots, Gloves

Innovations & Principles:
Cannibalize & Protect the Young

Lion Testes, Golden Whiskers, Great Cat Bones, Broken Lantern

It might take some time before I get to play next time, so this write-up only has prologue.

Second year I chose White Lion (like there's any choice...) for Quarry, and first hunt even was Aromatic Breeze with 09 from d100. Rudaghet enters the bright light and rolls 7. Brain damage. Second hunt event is Marked Territory, which is a bummer since no survivor has 3+ Understanding at this point. Roll is 71 from the d100 - and Nos founds the relic by rolling 10. Looks like I might get Ammonia after all... if I beat the lion with weapons as poor as these.

Since Aromatic Breeze brought lion a little bit forward, Showdown starts right next.

Random terrain cards are two Acanthus Plants and...

... the lonely tree.

Hiding in Tall Grass makes lion's first attack miss. Paterna checks upcoming AI cards and places Alert on top of the deck, and then Materna flings Founding Stone at the beast, critically wounding throat. Lion gets knocked down.

Since hitting is not that big of an issue this turn, I decide I'll try to get some extra critical hits against White Lion from using bare hands. Nos gets +3 insanity and ??? resource from Fuzzy Groin.

Next Lion attacks Paterna with Vicious Claw. Only one attack hits, which is promptly dodged away. Materna lobs a bone dart at Lion, hits but doesn't cause a wound, which in turn makes the lion grab Paterna six spaces forwards... closer to the Lonely Tree. Materna encourages Paterna right up. He gets to Lion'a blind spot, but doesn't score any hits.

I didn't want a turn in which I wouldn't score even one injury on the beast, so Rudaghet throws Founding Stone at the lion - and injures Strange Hand. Nice - it might be possible to try and glitch the Lion now, since I definitely know there's Vicious Claw in the AI deck.

Lion Sizes up, but that doesn't scare anyone.

I decide to use this turn mostly to regroup. Materna tries to attack with the bone dart, but doesn't hit. Rudaghet finds and eats an Acanthus plant and so does Nos.

Paterna attacks but doesn't score hits, and then he retreats back to the relative safety of Tall Grass.

I should have checked the AI card though - it was Combo Claw, which would have given Paterna understanding. Oh well. At least the Lion didn't attack anyone.

Paterna checks upcoming AI's - Revenge and Grasp. I decide to pick Grasp next since it only has Speed 1, which is easy to dodge. But I did not have to - Lion missed. Materna missed Bone Darts, but Paterna scores a critical hit to White Lion's knee, getting a -1 movement token for it. Nobody else scores any wounds.

White Lion attacks with Maul, but since there are no knocked down survivors or Grab targets from last round, it just sniffs... while being completely surrounded by survivors.

Relative easiness of this fight so far makes me feel almost bad. Almost. Paterna critically wounds Fuzzy Groin and gets Lion Testes. Priority Target token and +1 damage might yet become my downfall in this fight. There's five more cards in the AI deck. Next card is Combo Claw, which yields understanding to all but Paterna, who tried to hide a little further in the Tall Grass.

Turn for survivors is extraordinary. One critical wound (+3 insanity to all non-deaf survivors) and at least two other wounds were inflicted.

White Lion attacks with Maul, and even if there are no targets for this attack once more, the priority target is on Paterna. Both attacks hit. With the damage token hits caused four damage. Paterna dodged one that went to Body, and rolled 1 for arm injury. I knew this was going way too well! That's what you get from ripping these so called "ding-dongs" from lions, I suppose.

Nos pulls the Trap hit location and is decapitated.

No... no... NO! Everything was going so perfectly...! And now this thing escalated into to deaths in less than a full round. Oh well.

And here is where I realize the only cards left in AI deck are Maul and Combo-Claw. Eh. This game really has no steady course. I spent quite a while checking the internets (all of them) for an answer if this is a premium example of making my remaining survivors into super-understanders. Rudaghet gets +1 permanent movement and Materna ignores next severe injury this showdown.

White Secret lunacy gives Vestiphobia for Materna and Anxiety for Rudaghet. Materna rolls Story of the Survivor and Rudsghet gains Ageless.

I get rid of Maul just fine, but somehow I had shuffled Clever Play rather badly, and it caused Materna to get knocked down and lose all Body & Arms injury levels. But eventually I grind the last two remaining damage points in, and the two-hour long Showdown ends in style with a critical hit to Fleshy Gut.

I get Blistering Plasma Fruit from Lonely Tree.

Rewards: (includes critical hits and the benefits of Cannibalize)
3x Monster Hide, ???, 2x Monster Bone, 2x Broken Lantern
Lion Testes, Eye of Cat, White Fur, Lion Claw, Lion Tail

I guess I don't get the innovation from Found Relic since the event revealer died.

Settlement event was Dark Dentist, so it wasn't even a time to rage-quit at this point. Rudaghet gained +1 permanent strength from Age event.

I nominate Voici to stand as voice of reason during Endless Screams.

With endeavors I innovate Ammonia and build Organ Grinder. Rudaghet eats the Blistering Plasma Fruit.

Cat-Eye Circlet and Rawhide Pants are must haves. I also built King Spear and Whisker Harp
Second Rawhide Vest and gloves, plus extra Bone Darts and Monster Grease. Resource-wise settlement is broke now, but I dare to feel hopeful. And after all - Butcher is soon coming to town and losing to him destroys all resources. This time, though, I have read the rules a little bit better so I will not lose a gridfull of equipment if Butcher becomes fascinated with some particular survivor and distracts himself to the wilderness.

However, next year I will try to do this special showdown with

3x Broken Lantern

4x Cloth
2x Founding Stone
2x Bone Darts
Rawhide Headband, Vest, Boots, Gloves, Pants
Rawhide Headband + Gloves
Cat Eye Circlet
King Spear
Whisker Harp
Monster Grease

Innovations & Principles:
Language, Ammonia
Cannibalize & Protect the Young

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