Monday, July 3, 2017

Another Era Comes to Pass

Somehow I think this is worthy of a post of it's own.

Seems like I don't quite have the time any more to keep three full factions in a steady rotation. Sure, launch of Mk3 probably exaggerated this, since I had to start my statistics from scratch. Now I only have fifteen warcasters and warlocks that I need to play kind of equally. No, probably not. I need to further cut down their number, perhaps by leaving Asphyxious1, Deneghra1 & 2 and Venethrax statistically frozen.

So it is time to let the beasts run free and sell all of my Circle of Orboros models. Almost all - I still do have a Blackclad Wayfarer I once converted for a league, and the old metal Gorax. Let's not talk about the old metal Gorax. For possible demo purposes I retained Kaya the Wildborne, Wild Argus and Feral Warpwolf - some of the ugliest models in my collection, but hey.

Profits go to supply my fondness of Kingdom Death. Lonely Tree is the newest expansion I got.

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