Saturday, July 8, 2017

Expansions, House Rules and such

Last time I didn't make a very detailed note what expansions and house rules and such I was using in my first campaign. I have already started a second settlement. I'll post the first few Lantern Years in the near future.

So, the kit that settlement2 tag is going to have is as follows:

I use random cards from quite a few expansions even if I haven't been able to get all the contents. Additionally I use all the 1.4 modifications I've been able to find. I tweaked a couple of the events from Spidicules and Slenderman to fit to use without the rest of content.

However, fully and operating expansion are:

Lion God
Lonely Tree

Additionally I will be using the challenge scenarios from the Kingdom Death website. However, I will restrict all of them to one try per campaign regardless of the outcome. I find it somehow abusive if you can repeat a scenario until you succeed.

I've also tried to do some research on my expansions, and general consensus seems to be that Lion God is too hard for what it potentially gives. This house rule is not going to alleviate that much, but since it is Lion God after all, I think it's proper that it gives one less basic resource than usually, and 1 + monster level White Lion resource.

My encounter with Butcher on my first run was devastating, and many seem to think that there is not much to gain or even lose from Nemesis Encounters if you send four useless survivors to perish in them. However I will not tinker around the Nemesis encounters in my second campaign other than add a chance to innovate Crimson Candy from Butcher and King's Man, since I don't have actual means to innovate it.

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