Monday, June 13, 2016

Star Realms

I'm not a big fan of deck building games, but Star Realms was a nice one.

We played one two player Star Realms game without any of the expansions. Rules were really simple. And since I was able to do it, I picked most straightforward brute force solution. This was mostly because my opening hand had five scout ships, and there was this battle station that cost five points.

Next I got a gunship from the same faction as the battle station, so I dealt steady damage to enemy from early on.

Since I wasn't really paying any notice to the concept of scrapping useless cards from your deck, my otherwise powerful military deck started to fall apart from middle to late game. My deck was like Soviet Union in space. It was sheer luck that I got some key cards to be used to crack opponent's brain world in critical intervals.

If opponent would've got the brain world a turn or two earlier, I think I would have lost. But for once being brutish solved problems. Maybe I should try it more often in various other games.

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