Monday, June 13, 2016

Monkey love

A whole weekend of rarities!

It's been a year and a half since last game of Gloom, it seems. Doesn't feel that long.

Anyway, we played one game of Gloom. Since it was a bit late already, the only expansions we used were the mystery cards for residences.

We had the Circus family at it again, the explorers that came with Unfortunate Expeditions and Blackwater Watch.

More memorable moments of this game was the story of the ape from explorer family. He spent his time drinking too much and trying to look for a little love. The queen did not quite enjoy the advances the ape was trying to commit, so in the end the ape was loathed by the court and cursed by the queen. And the little kid who was following ape around was guilty by association and was shunned by the whole society.

This time around the creepy clown was so sick of children that he escaped the circus to pursue other careers in the explorer family. Bopobodingo, pygmy shaman or something, was the replacement for clown. Sadly, the pygmy had wanted to act like a proper person from the civilised part of the world, and soon left the traditional wood mask and whatnot back in the wardrobe, trying to wear modern clothes. Oblivious as Bopobodingo was to the mysteries of ties, Bopo somehow managed to choke on one. Right before the last show. Maybe it wasn't an accident?

The midget opera singer was killed with kindness after constables had brought her to jail. Better not ask any questions here, now.

Tattooed woman, the last remaining member of the circus family, didn't think that circus was recoverable from recent hardships. She tried to run the circus as a hospital for a little while, but it just didn't feel right. She decided to leave it all behind with a forgery and a body snatching. Only true connection she had ever felt to any living thing had been the long since dead ape. She dug the ape up and escaped in a carriage, hopefully to a better life.

Maybe the ape found the love it was looking for. Just... a little too late.

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