Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gathering Once in Five Years is Enough

I visited some friends last weekend, and we played some cards.

First game was a three player match of Magic the Gathering.

Even after all these years it was easy enough to remember game rules adequately. I didn't have a deck of my own, so I had a black/white enchantment deck from the host, and the others had some sort of mono-black vampire deck and a mono-blue token proliferation deck.

Game used Commander format rules.

My commander was some cheap zombie priest that could buy Spirit tokens into play.

In my opening hand I had Doomwake Giant and some other white, medium cost white archon or griffon or something that gave +1/+1 counters for each of my creatures for every enchantments I'd cast. Little did I understand how amazing they were together (Giant was an enchantment) combined with easy access to the spirit token commander.

Once my deck got the ball rolling, it was quite unstoppable - and both opposing players recognised this. It wasn't an easy game even when my deck had a great combo right from the start and both opposing players having less-than-ideal amount of mana. Black/white did win in the end, but only had five lives left from the original 40.

A notable mention was taking 14 damage from my own Doomwake Giant, that had a couple of +1/+1 tokens on it. Vampire deck cost some kind of "destroy creature" spell that made the destroyed creature deal damage to controlling player equal to it's strength + toughness.

I guess that's all.

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