Saturday, May 14, 2016

Undercity Web Extra 4.5

Yesterday Undercity campaign was being continued.

Scenario was a web extra from Privateer Press' home page.

It was difficult to judge it's difficulty. Board layout was long. LONG. There was next to no chance for diagonal movement. Four boss models. Vitality 4 regular monsters. Yet farrows and stock villains were fighting against each other as well as the heroes.

First event also activated bosses, so farrow warlord was blocking trivially easy access to first control room.

Pog, Doorstop and the trollkin charged warlord after gun mage and alchemist had softened it up. Troll had used Mighty ability and Mighty Blow feat card. Vitality 6 boss died like a filthy pig. Uh. That 'pun' was so bad... I'm dreadfully sorry. I truly am.

Well, since trollkin killed farrow warlord, it spawned back at the start of next round. Of course it spawned almost exactly where the first one had fallen...

Pog & Doorstop were dedicated to open up the first control room, and everybody else took running to first bottleneck gate space. Farrow Slaughterhousers and Razor Boars tore the heavy warjack into pieces, and it spawned at the worst possible space yet again - the entryway 1. Trollkin had been blocking attacks against gun mage in the space right next to entryway 1. And as luck would have it, the warjack activated and charged trollkin, knocking him down.

This worried me a little bit, since I felt we had been advancing rather sluggishly by then. Oh well, thanks to the Great Strength ability that gave knockdown immunity this setback would delay me only for one turn.

The fresh farrow warlord was following Pog and Doorstop as they were trying to re-join the main adventuring party.

Next all of the heroes speed through the first gate and succeed in setting up farrow warlord and heavy warjack against each other.

Trollkin opened up the second control room. By now the bone grinder boss had been killed and re-appeared on the first half of the board. Jack marshal lieutenant also died to farrow villains, and got into a more threatening position, to the entryway 3, which was right next to side quest.

Gun mage had rushed to check the side quest, and managed to dislodge a cinder bomb. But she was under heavy fire by the lieutenant and crossbow thugs and whatnot.

Alchemist speeds up to finish the scenario, and trollkin plus Pog and Doorstop make the lieutenant go splat.

If I remember right, the gun mage had only one health remaining when the scenario ended in the victory of heroes. Other than that, well... there had been no true casualties or loss of resources.

Somehow feels like the scenario had not been play tested through. Scenario gave tons of experience, yet the challenge wasn't all that great. Extra experience for each battle ready hero was completely unnecessary for this scenario, and there was way too much time for heroes to walk through streets. We didn't really hurry, and still had at least three turns to spare once game ended. Side Quest wasn't an option to consider - it fell right in the greedy hands of heroes along the way. Only the gun mage took enough damage not to start next game fully healed.

Oh well. I guess we'll be using only epic villains and bosses from now on.

My hero statistics:
No xp in bank
Vendetta, Guardian, Legendary Hero, Great Strengths: Rusher, Rapid Strike
Misplaced Message

6xp in bank
Skulk, Concussion grenades, Mad Bomber, Grenadier's Bandolier
Cinder Bomb

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