Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Drudge sightings (Undercity 5)

So, two scenarios left in the Undercity campaign booklet. After this game, that is, which was played yesterday.

Thanks to experience boost in 4.5 we did indeed take every possible villain as an epic version in this scenario.

Very first event was some Ambushers, which spawned extra villains. Milo Boggs, the alchemist (I'm slowly starting to remember the names!) had an amazing turn with AoE acid bombs, the cinder bomb and throwing knife. They fell six enemies, and he could even spare a smoke bomb somewhere.

Removing villains didn't seem to be much of a problem, and Pog and Doorstop closed one entryway on turn two already. One unlucky villain spawn closed the gate that acted as a shortcut for the VIP the heroes needed to escort. I was worried that this would turn out to be another easy scenario for heroes. Thankfully I was wrong. Scenario design was good, as it required the heroes to be everywhere at once. Or if it didn't exactly require that, it greatly encouraged such a course of action with two side quests on the opposite sides of the board, yet not too far.

Anyway. Pog and Doorstop started to move themselves to the door of VIP's laboratory, while Candice the Gun Mage moved attempted to enter control room and re-open the gate. Trollkin went to the second side quest and close the entryway almost next to it. Milo Boggs stayed middle field, clearing entryways from villains as soon as they spawned.

Suddenly a lot of villains spawned from the entryway near the control room. Candice risked her life for the gate handle, taking volley after volley of aimed crossbowfire. Trollkin, then, well, he kind of unleashed a rampaging warjack on the board, which attacked Milo Boggs right away, knocking him down.

Both entryways had been closed and VIP alchemist had spawned to Pog and Doorstop.

Suddenly there was challenge.

Pog sent Doorstop for rendezvous with Milo Boggs, who had escaped certain death quite a few times already. Concussion grenades were amazing at buying a little extra time for Doorstop to arrive.

Trollkin wanted to come and help, too, but Milo had been luring the warjack away from him. Candice was overwhelmed by continuous villain spawns from entryway 3-4 and started to retreat. Milo had been slowly dissolving the rampaging jack with acid bombs, and Doorstop had landed a couple of solid hits on it. When trollkin finally entered the combat, warjack had only three wounds remaining. Charge attack dealt two damage in, and trollkin used Beat Back card to backtrack a little. Axe attack dealt last required damage, and trollkin used Overtake to backtrack even more.

Now Pog and Doorstop with their escort peeked out of the gate, but things were heating up on the exit side of the board, where Candice was finally shot down. Her sacrifice would not go unremembered.

Well, except that trollkin forgot right away that he was supposed to go and revive her.

Tons of drudges finally started to show up, but the horde wasn't enough to stop heroes from escaping with the escort still alive. Candice had fallen again to one health remaining (or two, don't remember any more), Doorstop had also been suffering heavily throughout the game. Milo Boggs would start next game with one health less than usual.

I think the escape was made in the second last turn. So there was a lot more twist in this scenario. Though of course greediness added it's own challenge here, as the rampaging warjack would have been completely avoidable.

Pog and Doorstop found the mechanika goggles from their own side quest, which he generously gave for trollkin.

Heroes got an amazing amount of 18 experience points from this scenario. Well, at least three of them came from killing the rampager.

Hero statistics:

Trollkin: has misplaced message and mechanika goggles
No experience in bank
Upgrades: Extra Hardy, Walk it off, Vendetta, Legendary Hero, Guardian, Great Strengths: Rapid Strike, Rusher

Milo Boggs: has Cinder Bomb
1 xp in bank, starts next scenario with one less health
Upgrades: Mad Bomber, Grenadier's Bandolier, Skulk, Concussion Grenades, All in the wrist, anatomical precision

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