Saturday, May 28, 2016

End of an era

With bitterness I bid farewell for my Warmachine & Hordes MkII statistics.

This is a fond recap of my Mk2 career with arbitrary highlights and statistical anomalies.

General breakdown:

The total number of Mk2 games was 439. This figure includes all demo games and other styles of play that couldn't make it to proper statistics. This is 309 games more than during Mk1. Total win/loss percentages for Mk2 were 54,21% wins and 45,79% losses, not including draws and the statistically impossible game modes.

Protectorate was #1 main adversary with no other faction coming even close. They were against me 102 times in Mk2. A special mention goes to High Exemplar Kreoss with 38 games played. That's more games against him than complete factions of Retribution, Convergence, Mercenaries, Circle of Orboros, Skorne, Trollbloods and Minions. I have to admit that once I saw this trend, I kind of started to stack games against Kreoss1 on purpose. I wanted each of my warcaster to have at least one game played against him. And that was accomplished.

Second most games I played against Cygnar (58) and third was Legion of Everblight (50)

Legion was by far my most difficult match-up, with net result being 20 wins and 30 losses.

From factions that I played against at least 30 times, the best record was against Khador with 28 wins and 17 losses.

I never lost any game against Butcher1 (played against him five times) and I never won even one game against Baldur1 (three games)

Out of all 159 released warcasters and warlocks I got to play at least one game against 109 out of them, translating to 68,5%

Protectorate was closest to completion on getting to play against each faction warcaster - only Thyra and Reznik2 were never against me. Legion of Everblight was second, missing only Kallus and Lylyth3. Technically I did play against each and every one of Convergence warcasters, but their caster pool is so low in number that I don't think they are fair to count. Retribution was also missing two (Vyros1 and Thyron), but they also have much less warcasters than even Hordes faction.

All games were spread over fifteen different cities plus Vassal.

Faction breakdowns:


Cryx was my most played faction with a total of 216 game played. It was my starting faction in 2007 when I began playing Warmachine Mk1. My faction loyalty is adamant, as is my warcaster loyalty. Once I add a warcaster or warlock to my army, I never take it out of rotation. This probably explains why Cryx was most played faction. I have the most warcasters for it. Eleven, to be exact. As I just added a Deneghra3 to my caster pool, the average number of games per Cryxian warcaster ended up being only 19,63.

Out of the 216 Cryx games 167 was against Warmachine with 97 wins and 69 losses, and 49 games against Hordes with 28 wins and 20 losses. Both numbers are a bit off, as there was one draw in both systems. They were a result of running out of time in a game store.

There is this one warcaster I have to mention. He goes by the name of Lord Exhumator Scaverous. He was such an amazing failure. Countless are the games where victory was denied in some unexplainable and unlikely way. I even started to believe there was a curse or something on him. As a result he has the worst track record out of all of my 21 warcasters and warlocks. Only Dominar Rasheth would be able to reach same level of failure with equal number of games played, and that's only if he lost four games in a row.

Most diverse faction match-ups were with Asphyxious the Hellbringer & Vociferon, who got to fight it out with eleven different factions. Only Wurmwood matchess Asphyxious3, but it has more games played than Asphyxious3.

Asphyxious1 was my Protectorate specialist with games against six different Protectorate warcasters. Iron Lich Asphyxious also had best win/loss record out of each of my factions. Which is somewhat interesting, considering that I've played Deneghra1 & 2, Asphyxious2 and Morvahna2. Maybe I took these more notorious ones to tournaments more often because I was ashamed for playing them in the local scene.

Circle of Orboros

Circle of Orboros had 142 games played of which:
100 was against Warmachine, with 60 victories.
41 was against Hordes, with only 13 victories. Legion of Everblight seemed to be nemesis for my Circle, with only two wins against them and fifteen losses.
One was a three player game that couldn't be placed inside normal statistics.

Circle was my most played faction with any particular warlock, averaging 23,66 games per warlock.

Cassius the Oathkeeper & Wurmwood, Tree of Fate was my most played Mk2 warcaster/warlock with a total of 27 games played.

Mohsar holds a shared record with Hexeris1 with having the most games played against a particular warlock or warcaster. Funnily enough, both have the same adversary: four games against High Exemplar Kreoss. Mohsar was also

Mohsar was also my Legion of Everblight specialist, with games against five different Legion warlocks. His professional capabilities can be questioned, though, since he only ever won one game against Legion.

Morvahna1, on the other hand, had the most experience against Cryx with games against six different Cryxian warcasters.


Skorne got a humble number of only 73 games played. They were the least played faction in every imaginable way, averaging only 18,25 games played per warlock. Well, Skorne is more of a side project for me anyway. I never tried to, you know, competitively compete with Skorne. I guess it tells something that I have neither Titan Gladiator nor Molik Karn in my collection.

Out of those 73, 53 games were against Warmachine factions. Scores were pretty even, 26 wins and 27 losses.

Hordes had the rest twenty games, with eight wins and twelve losses.

All in all I don't think my Skorne fared that badly, considering my eclectic and holistic list design practices.

There were no record holders in Skorne, other than the shared title of a particular nemesis.

Now... for Mk3. I know I'm already getting Agathia for Cryx, since I kind of pre-ordered the battlegroup box. I've been wanting to make a gatorman army for a long time, and also a Cephalyx army. But my inclination to have equal number of games played with each of my warcasters has been such a burden that I haven't even tried to start new factions. Perhaps Mk3 can shake up some completely unnecessary, statistical habits by offering a fresh tabula rasa for numbers.

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