Thursday, May 21, 2015

Counting Sheep (I wish...)

On Sunday at Ropecon I played a four player game of Battle Sheep.

Battle Sheep is actually rather a good game after having about ten hours of sleep for three days combined, with those precious few hours being slept on concrete floor with Hans Christian Andersen's collected stories -book as your pillow.

Each player gets a few terrain tiles and places them in succession on the playing surface as they see fit. Then everybody takes their stack of sheep, and starts anywhere on the board. Your turn consists of picking half of your stack of sheep, picking a direction and continuing in that direction as far as possible, and placing the new halved stack there.

There was surprisingly plenty of tactical possibilities, and yet the rules were easy enough to follow when your attention span has dropped to alarming levels.

Beginner's luck proved itself here, as I somehow won the game. Shame we didn't get to play more.

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