Thursday, May 21, 2015

Colossal Mania

Before I'm writing the tournament games for Warmachine, I'll write the little funsies first.

Somebody had constructed a beautiful Colossal Mania -board for Warmachine. I don't know where, how or even why the rules exist, but they're out there. Somewhere.

Basic idea is that you have four players, and each has a warlock or warcaster, plus a colossal of their chosen faction. Warcasters are locked in special towers until the colossal is dead. Once it's destroyed your warcaster is placed on an area in their very own corner, and becomes a fully playable model.

Game ends once there is only one warcaster or warlock remaining.

We had:

Iron Lich Asphyxious + Kraken
Krueger the Stormlord + Woldwrath
Grim Angus + Mountain King (that's me!)
Nemo2 + Stormwall

That's also the turn order, though not necessarily the starting order. I don't remember if it was Cryx or Cygnar.

First picture already has Kraken wrecked, but before that both Krueger the Stormlord and Grim Angus used their feats in succession. -5 SPD for Cygnar and Cryx. Har har. Oh, right. Colossal Mania has this rule that feats have the whole board as the control area, and range for defensive spells is unlimited.

Mountain King got some random shots in, and shed tons of whelps. Other than that there was not very much to do with Angus and the King except re-casting Return Fire on the gargantuan every turn.

But once the feat Hordes feat effects had worn off, Stormwall was within charge range to Kraken, and opened the game. Kraken got wrecked, and then it was Cryx turn right after.

Asphyxious cast Scything Touch on himself and Parasite on Stormwall, and destroyed the colossal. Well, at least he had to use his feat.

If memory serves, Woldwrath charged Mountain King then, but didn't deliver the killing blow.

Mountain King destroyed Woldwrath, and suddenly I had the only Gargantuan standing.

I don't remember what Nemo did, but he and Krueger were mostly harassing Asphyxious. After all... what were they going to do to each other, as both were immune to lightning and both mostly did just lightning damage? I'm not entirely sure how Mountain King died, but my guess is that either Asphyxious killed it, or Nemo, since he's in the middle.

Anyway, there was a big melee between Asphyxious and Nemo. Even when Nemo got the charge in, Asphyxious was the one left standing - all the while both Grim Angus and Krueger were peppering the Iron Lich with their ranged weapons. I don't know who dealt the damage when and where, but in the end Asphyxious had only one damage box when he killed Krueger.

Time for Grim to win the day with one well-placed shot that required, what, ten or eleven to score that point. Very much a 50/50 situation.

But no. It was not to be.

My kingdom for a the 'sniper' special rule.

Then Asphyxious ate the troll warlock.

Pretty impressive game for Asphyxious. He dealt the killing blow to all other warcasters and warlocks, and personally killed at least one colossal from 100% damage boxes to 0%, and possibly killed Mountain King, too - all the while just about everyone was focusing on him.

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