Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Smell of Humiliated Fat

I actually played two games of Warmachine yesterday, but I'm writing this one up in haste.

Aw, heck. Who am I kidding here? It wouldn't take that much longer to write a big report instead of a small one, but I really want to break the post count record for any Januaries during this blog. And I'm doing that the easy way now.

So, we played a 25 point game, and I had taken my Skorne with me. Well, I did have a bad feeling about my list, because Dominar Rasheth isn't really your go-to guy in lower points.

My list:

Dominar Rasheth
- Archidon
- Rhinodon
- Cyclops Shaman
- Basilisk Krea

Minimum unit of Beast Handlers
Minimum unit of Bog Trog Ambushers

And opponent had:

Thagrosh the Primal Version
- Carnivean
- Afflictor
- 2x Stinger
- Shredder

Minimum unit of Blighted Ogrun Warspears + Unit attachment

Something inside of me died when I had to hold back all the tears when opponent just wouldn't stop placing models on board. Five damage points was the lowest hit box count Legion had, and that was only one model, too. And still I had only four models more than Legion, and beast handlers and Basilisk Krea almost could be counted out in terms of doing damage to enemy models.

Scenario we randomised was the Steamroller 2014 version of Close Quarters.

Skorne got to start the game, and I didn't cry on the inside only because of the nasty list I was facing - my poor warlock, Dominar Rasheth, with his impressive speed 4 would have a lot of trouble on my side of the board. There was a river on the board that was covered by a hill and a small bridge. Run, fatty, run!

First picture is taken from the end of Legion turn 1.

On turn 2 the bog trogs ambush from the right and kill the Afflictor, and one of the fishmen is sacrificed to cast Blood Mark on Thagrosh.

I thought it would be no use for me to play too safe, because Legion pretty much had greater threat ranges around. So I tried to bring Rhinodon forward and just hope for the best. Cyclops Shaman was trying to be sneaky on the left, and if there would ever come a miracle where I'd be able to get rid of Warspears, the cyclop could start to control enemy flag.

Well, it was a beautiful thought.

Shame that all of my dreams and hopes, even those beyond Warmachine, were crushed next turn. Carnivean assaults Rhinodon and scores a hit against Rasheth with the spray. Boosted damage roll (with two dice) is really high indeed, and Rasheth loses 10 hit boxes. Rhinodon loses its life, so I guess Rasheth did better than Rhinodon in that way.

Thagrosh and Shredder kill all the bog trogs.

Here I really regretted not bringing Bronzeback Titan.

Well, still I tried. Enraged Archidon charges Carnivean and hopes for good rolls. I think there was one good roll or something, and the last attack was a critical hit which threw Carnivean away. Of course that didn't matter much, since next turn it'd only assault again...

Enraged Basilisk Krea tries to charge Stinger that had attacked Rhinodon last turn, but terrain makes the charge fail.

Cyclops Shaman charges warspears and kills one of them. I was hoping that the Shaman could tie up the ogruns.

Next turn the Stinger at the centre of the board frenzies and charges Carnivean. Sadly it doesn't block the possibility to assault Archidon, so Archidon dies. Spray attack also kills one beast handler.

Shredder goes rabid and walks and eats another beast handler.

I don't remember what the heck killed Basilisk Krea, but I know that much that it died. I can't believe Stinger would kill it alone, please, don't say so?

Anyway, after so many things had died the Cyclops Shaman was now the Prey target of Warspears. This meant that even that beast died.

I started my turn with Rasheth who had 8 Fury and 10 hit boxes, and one beast handler.

Uh oh.

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