Monday, January 27, 2014

A Lovely Sort of Plague (Deadzone)

Last Sunday I played two games of Deadzone.

First game was me playing the Enforcers against Plague.

Last game was me playing the Plague against the Rebs.

I need to start taking the camera with me from now on, since it's suprisingly difficult to remember any important details from a completely different rule system.

What I do remember is that the big plague guy (the 20+ point leader) advanced way too fast for my liking right next to my poor little enforcers. A command action, basic activation and a battle card can move the monster three cubes in a turn, and Plague got to start the game. Well, at least there was an epic scene, where the plague leader was standing on a second story, and melee enforcers were there trying to defy the beast. That was pretty futile, though. Not even two melee enforcers were a match for a plague stage 1A model. That was pretty much the downfall, since after it ate melee enforcers it moved right to support models with a free action. I think I lost four models out of my starting six during one turn?

Well, since we got some time we played another game.

I took Plague now, since that's the faction I'm starting to play eventually.

I had five plague hounds in my list and two stage 3 leaders, plus Doctor Simmonds. I also had two HMG specialists with blaze away ammo and one of the stage 2 monsters. I'm not sure if that was any good list, but the mission I got and Rebs army composition gave my forces a huge advantage - almost all enemy models were 10+ points, and I only needed to kill enemy models, gaining more victory points the more enemy model costs.

Rebs also had Teraton on the board. I guess the biggest turning point was when acid belching Stage 3 HMG specialist scored a lucky spit against the Teraton and killed it in one go. My dogs were dying left and right, but I guess they did their job when they were drawing fire from more important targets, as well as tying up enemy models in melee.

Though I'm not entirely sure which were more important models at that point than the dogs... the melee murder machine Stage 2A died to a combination of frag grenade that threw it out of a window and heavy armor piercing shooting by a Grogan with desolator.

Game could have been way different, though, if we'd have resolved T-Zero weapon team's first (and only) shot with Shockwave rule. Two additional dice with a success on 5+ would've statistically meant at least one more success per affected model. I don't remember what the rolls were, but getting pinned and especially getting suppressed delays engaging in melee (which Plague wants to do).

Eventually Plague won this match thanks to easy scoring from valuable kills. It didn't help Rebs that they got a rather difficult mission going on for them, where they had to survive over 50% of their starting number and scavenge items from board.

These two games went a lot better than the first one, since core mechanics were at least familiar now. There were still, however, plenty of moments where I had absolutely no idea which variables were to be counted in for different tests and how things were going to be resolved.

Though I think we played two games in roughly same time than the one game earlier.

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