Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Showcase Mushrooms

Well, for a change it's time for a Warmachine painting blog post.

I don't usually do those, because they're nothing "out of the ordinary". They are what I paint most.

But this project is somewhat special. Models for Blindwater Congregate are probably my most ambitious attempt at painting and basing miniatures, and over a year after their purchase, Bog Trog Ambushers are finally done - a full unit of ten.

On my other armies there will always come a point where I start rushing things to get the pieces finished. Bases for my larger armies of Cryx, Skorne and Circle of Orboros have become quite repetitive without any kind of unique touch.

But with Blindwater Congregate each and every base is and will be one of a kind. The models from Blindwater Congregate come from magical mushroom forest. I think I've posted Wrong Eye & Snapjaw here on this blog, too. Some minions can probably be seen from the pictures in battle reports.

Now, however, is the first time I can place a full unit of little fish men with large mushrooms down and take a picture. They are packed closely and not scattered all over the board, so the volume of oversized mushroom looks the way I want. Damn, I'm proud. I guess I could be even more proud if it wasn't for my atrocious photography skills, but no matter how bad lightning I managed to arrange, the mushrooms are still visible.

Few more models and I will probably take an army picture of all the mushroomed models up-to-date.

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