Sunday, January 26, 2014

Enter SR 2014

I played my first game of warmachine with Steamroller 2014.

When I was picking my warcaster I realised that I hadn't played with Wraith Witch Deneghra for almost one and a half year. She managed to skip Steamroller 2013 entirely.

Game was 50 points, and my list was:

Wraith Witch Deneghra
- Nightmare
- Reaper
- 2x Nightwretch

Maximum unit of Soulhunters
Minimum unit of Bile Thralls
Minimum unit of Mechanithralls
Darragh Wrathe
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall
Warwitch Siren
Ogrun Bokur (Deneghra client)

And opponent had:

Tier list, not sure up to which tier level:
Epic Vayl
- 2x Ravagore
- 2x Angelius
- Seraph

Maximum unit of Hex Hunters
Maximum unit of Spawning Vessel & Acolytes
2x Shepherd
2x Spell Martyr

Despite Vayl's tier bonus Cryx got to start the game. First picture is taken from the end of Legion turn 1. On second turn Deneghra did what Deneghra does best - turns incorporeal, walks up and uses feat. Only the Ravagore on the far right and some Hex Hunters to the left are outside of Deneghra's control area. Deneghra cast Hellmouth on spawning vessel and killed about three or four acolytes.

A charge by Soulhunters against Hex Hunters (now who's hunting who?) killed a couple of the nyss infantry, and light cavalry movement ensured that the unit was engaged.

Other than these not much damage was done, but most importantly Refuge shenanigans by Angeliuses was stopped dead on their tracks.

Next turn Vayl attempts some slipstreams instead and places the spawning vessel to block LOS to Vayl herself. She also casts Icy Grip on Mechanithralls.

Hex Hunters and warbeasts kill all but one Soulhunter on the left side of things, and the free ravagore advanced to hill and tried to shoot Ragman, but missed.

Next turn I was quite confident I'd remove at least two heavy warbeasts. And I almost did, but combined efforts of Ogrun Bokur, Reaper, Nightwretch, Necrotech and even scrap thrall wasn't enough to bring the ravagore on the hill down.

Vayl had also cast Admonition on herself and she managed to escape rather easily. I had been thinking of casting a Hellmouth again on spawning vessel to drag her a bit closer before triggering Admonition, but somehow I still managed to charge the vessel with Mechanithrall. Since vessel was either undamaged or taken one or two damage points in the mechanithrall needed quite good roll to destroy it entirely. The roll was outrageous, so I lost Vayl and the possibility of killing Nightmare's target shepherd.

Deneghra cast Venom on the shepherd, then, and Nightmare chose the angelius as new prey. Then Nightmare charged its Prey and destroyed it.

Situation is a bit desperate on Legion now. Vayl tries to use her feat, but it goes awry when she is under Darragh Wrathe's Beyond Death.

Ravagore and Angelius on left manage to only dismount Darragh Wrathe, and Ravagore on right does some damage on Reaper. However, this was the last picture taken. Nightmare kills Seraph and the large gathering of random units eventually kill the ravagore on the hill. I don't have the heart to force opponent play any longer, and Legion concedes the game. After all there was only two hex hunters, Ravagore and Angelius versus about 40 points of Cryx.

Yeah, it was a tough match-up for epic Vayl. However, if Legion had won the starting roll I believe the game would have looked a lot different, and the Wraith Witch's feat wouldn't have been so crippling. It's actually really annoying when a single roll (the starting roll) dictates so much if a match-up is tough or if it's an outright stomp. Maybe I can now skip another year before I play epic Deneghra again.

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