Friday, January 10, 2014


A few days ago I played a game of Warmachine on the Vassal virtual tabletop for all kinds of games.

It was a 25 point game and my list was:

Witch Coven of Garlghast
- Harrower
- 2x Nightwretch
- Stalker

Minimum unit of Mechanithralls + 1x Brute Thrall
Bloat Thrall

Opponent had:

- Avenger

Maximum unit of Greygore's Boomhowlers + Murdoch
Black 13th
Journeyman Warcaster

Scenario was a non-factor in this game. Cryx got to start, and the second picture shows the downfall of Cryxian forces.

Here is a very good tip for all warmachine players: Always double check rules for models that you encounter for the first time. Here's what happened:

I wasn't entirely sure if Harrower was within charge range of Avenger, but I decided to try anyway. It was close, the charge fell short for about half an inch. However, that was a risk I thought I could take, since I would use Coven's feat anyway. Effective def 14 Harrower in melee would be quite hard for opponent to entirely wreck, and just about the only system that really needs to stay intact for Harrower is the melee arm. Nightwretch also had arced Curse of Shadows on the Avenger, but that didn't really help anyone else but the opponent (the trollkin were able to assault through Avenger).

Avenger, however, has this nasty little effect on its weapon that's pretty much Paralyze for warjacks. Base def drops to 7 on a succesful hit, and the first attack was a hit. A serious blunder on my part to let that happen, since it was pretty much a death sentence for Harrower now.

On my next turn mechanithralls kill two trollkins, and even Bloat Thrall thwacks one of them in melee. A nightwretch arcs three Stygian Abysses at Black 13th - funnilly enough the ones that weren't boosted to hit were the ones that actually hit.

Situation was really tough, but I thought that there would always be a sudden death play mode for Witch Coven.

Next turn Caine uses his feat and kills all but the stealthed models within his range AND the mechanithrall that was in cover and in melee. That one was taken out by Boomhowlers.

Avenger tried to take a pot shot at focusless witches, but luckily it missed its deviation entirely.

Nightwretch on the right is destroyed, but the another wretch on left still has movement and arc node going on for it.

So, this is the sudden death moment right now.

Skarlock attempts to advance and cast Ghost Walk on the nightwretch, but the spell falls short by at least one entire inch. My chances of success just dropped by about 33%, give or take.

Witches have to cast Ghost Walk and Veil of Mists all by themselves that leaves only five focus to do the assassination with. I thought it's better to try to get a critical hit, so I boost attack roll. It's a hit, but not a crit. Caine takes some points of damage, because I somehow think I got better chances by shooting another Stygian Abyss at him. After all I would have needed quite crazy dice to kill him with one boosted POW 12. Looking back I probably should have tried exactly just that, but of course, then I didn't know what I would roll...

I don't remember any more if the second Stygian Abyss hit or missed, but the net result was about 6 points of damage to Caine, and then Cygnar got to start its turn with two Witches out of Stealth.

Their def 16 made two of them survive, but that's not enough in case of Witch Coven of Garlghast.

I don't usually concede, but now I did. I had no other models left other than two witches and Egregore, and there was absolutely no chances at trying anything with scenario. Game had went on for quite long, too, because of some connection issues to Vassal server.

But I guess the hard way is the best way to learn about new models, right?

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