Monday, January 21, 2013

What's that rattle?

Last weekend I had a few games of Razzle.

It's a casual game with time limits and reaction speeds and everything. Everything I hate, right?

Well, not really.

After all, words have a special little place in my heart, and I guess it's nice even if you have to form them under duress.

We played with only two players, though I guess the game doesn't have a limit how many can play it.

We played three rounds, and I won one round, and the residing champion beat me up twice.

Even during those three shortish rounds, I noticed a certain trend in my word-forming practices. I always aimed at long words, even when it wouldn't give any special bonus points-wise.

Same trend is, I guess, apparent in other games I play, too. I usually try to construct something unsuitably large and find perverse pleasure in keeping it all together. And I can usually get carried off from some "main purpose" of the game and try to pursue victory with some personal rules.

Anyway. That was my first encounter with Razzle.

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