Thursday, January 24, 2013

Get Off My Lawn You Damn Hermits!

Last game I played during my weekend trip was the Kingdom Builder.

We got to play it only once with three players, but a few first impressions were:

- Very easy to understand rules (as in: you're able to quickly grasp the basics even on your first try)
- Amazing amount of different play styles and options that change from game to game.
- "On the go" planning. A player needs to quickly consider what you can do in your turn that might help your grand plan. But in no way it is certain you can do exactly what you want on your next turn.

So, there are three victory condition cards. They tell rules how you score points.

In this game we had:
Knights (score points from your biggest continous row of villages)
Merchants (score points from connecting locations)
and... Hermits (score points from separated villages)

I claimed all special abilities that were available. Just because I like collecting things. They were the boat, tower, Stonehenge and stables.

I started to build my kingdom with knights and merchants mostly, because I wasn't too familiar with the game and those two seemed to be easiest ones.

And in the end I scored some good points and was placed first before last player had counted his points from Hermits. And there were about 10 hermits too many, and thus I lost any bragging rights from winning a new game against more experienced players.

Game play was quite fast, and I can see a lot same kind of "getting hooked" effect in this game as in 7 Wonders.

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