Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lightning in my palm

When returning home from Helsinki I stopped by at a couple of friends.

There I had the pleasure of getting acquaintanced with two new games. Or at least one real game and one... something. Also, there was some playing with a horse and a rocking horse with their enchanting 4-year old offspring, but that's another story.

I try to write up about the real game tomorrow, and now I just say that I played the game called "Lightning Reaction Reloaded".

It's one of these gameish trinkets where you have to press a button fast, or you'll get an electric shock.

Truth be told, I've never been known for my reaction speed.

I did beat the opposing player a couple of times when he had to concentrate on something the 4-year old was doing. Other than those, it was a shock for me.

We played with increasing shock level, and last level was, uh, that one felt in my hand for a long time.

The masochist in me liked this game very much.

But I'm not sure how I should write the statistics for this game. I mean, one "game" takes less than a minute to complete, and the only victory and loss is in form of getting punished/not getting punished.

I guess I'll just score the instances I've played this game?

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